Web Hosting and Design

Your business or ministry can have its own website, complete with e-commerce and social media, for a starting price of only $95/month. What is more, as a member of this community, you will have your website promoted via our forums and public spaces. This program requires a commitment of 18 months and an initial payment of $125.

You receive:

A 10-20 page templates-based WordPress site with woocommerce and social media, all optimized for search engines and tutorials inside your site which teach how to use it- they greatly simply the process for you!

Hosting and weekly backups of your website for up to 3 gigs or space and 100 gigs of bandwidth, with very inexpensive upgrades.

If you are a community member, you receive a free premium subscription, plus a business directory ad inserted into The Upadarian Voice website.

A free Sponsorship ad for the first 20 sign-ups! This comes initially without the guaranteed downloads and impressions, but as we sell sponsors you will get this amount of exposure.

Already have a website?

We can host your website and do a complete search engine optimization program as well as up to 3 hours per month of monthly updates for $95 per month.


  1. This program is for Christian business and organizations which agree to abide by a our Community Standards and our Pledge of Common Unity (you will receive these if you make an inquiry)
  2. The owner of the website must be a member of this Christian social network
  3. We do not host anything that promotes illegal activity, violence, hatred, or bigotry
  4. Websites hosted here must conform to basic. common sense standards of Christian decency

Interested in a low-cost solution to your website needs? Contact us now;

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