William R. Collier Jr.- When I drew what I now call the UPDR Cross (pictured), or sometimes the Unity in diversity cross, I was most concerned with racial animosity between blacks and whites, which I had witnessed first-hand. I was only 11 when I drew it, and it was an anti-racist and anti-totalitarian response to the swastika. It stands for the end of racism, the end of tyrants, a merit-based society of equals, and true freedom built on virtue, liberty, and independence for every human soul.

I neither accepted white shaming over slavery nor the reactionary racism of angry whites. For me, then as now, judging any person on any basis other than their merit is immoral. The UPDR Cross was the Christian, egalitarian, and dignitarian opposite of the symbols of hate and division such as the swastika and the hammer and sickle, among others.

A few years back, while introducing the whole vision of Upadaria, a question was posed as to why I was so fixated on fighting racism, especially racism directed at blacks, who have been the main victims of it in our country and who remain the chief target of this human evil. The person questioning me felt that this was an old and fading issue. But, like many parts of the future fictional history, the growth of so-called "white nationalism" in the South, standing beside Black Nationalism and Latino Nationalism, is underway.

In 1982 I wrote about a future in which an alliance of sorts between the different racist groups agreed to lead separate lives in their own racially governed communities. The story of the ultimate fall of America centers in part around a young mixed-race couple fleeing Atlanta get to a region in the north dominated by Upadarians (members of the Society).

The symbol for the society I envision, a round table based on shared convictions, not race or bloodlines...

It is true that the establishment is using accusations of racism at the drop of a hat to bully and silence legitimate dissent from their progressive worldview. This makes identifying and combatting real racism all the more difficult, and a refusal to confront any racism not originating in a white person is also mainstreaming notions of racial separatism and racial nationalism.

So back when I was asked about why the UPDR Cross was based mostly on confronting and destroying the notions held by racists and racialists, it may have seemed we were far off from the rise of the kind of racial nationalism my future fiction story predicted would rise again.

When you make every white person a racist, as the left do, and when you smear every dissenting voice as racist you cause two problems: you have no credibility when pointing out real racism and, worse, you create a scenario where the racists seem to be better representing the interests of white people and this gains more and more support.

I experienced this in a microcosm. As one of the few white kids in a mostly black area, I was often called the son of a slave owner and derided for being white. Only a minority of black kids did this to me, I am not saying this was the general or majority opinion. But it happened almost daily and it did sometimes take the form of violence and threats (often I was protected by black kids, I should note). I also knew that after any showing of Roots and other shows or movies that portrayed the horrors many black people endured at the hands of white racists, to take a sick day and not show up.

People can march peacefully for freedom...but we cannot be lured into the temptation of racism just because the left calls everyone racists.

The irony was that when I saw those same shows or movies I would also feel enraged at the people who did these things, though I also knew these things weren't happening to the kids in my school.

The backlash against this was strong, although from a small minority within a small white minority. They called themselves the white mafia. I encountered them when one member tried to join a group I had formed around the idea of fighting gangs and drug dealers. They quickly discerned two things about me: I viewed neonazi types as a far greater threat and enemy than reactionary blacks reacting against institutional racism and I had a black girlfriend.

The resulting row led to far more severe violence and nearly my death I suspect, then any petty fisticuffs coming from black kids who claimed my grandfather owned their grandfather. I was saved after one incident by Vietnamese kids who knew me because I was one of the few white kids who befriended them and tried to help them learn English (these were the children of the Vietnamese boat people).

I won't get into my response or how today I would have a more mature and less violent way of dealing with things. But the point is that while I myself was attacked regularly by a small minority of black kids just for being white, I saw a surge of white racism among white kids as a direct response. I did not go there, and I not only disowned but even fought racists.

When you tell one group they are victims of a whole other group, and then you accuse people of being racists or immoral or whatever based solely on whose loins they came from, some of those targeted people will actually gravitate toward the actual racists. Why? They will do this because they want to preserve their identity and dignity, which the constant accusations against them will tend to threaten. They will do this because that white nationalism is the only person saying they aren't bad people for being white, in fact they are saying the opposite.

So now we are starting to see openly racist groups staging larger events throughout the South, buoyed and supported by a growing minority of whites angered at the removal of Confederate monuments and at the increasingly anti-white rhetoric of the left, who control the cities. But because the left has labeled anyone not of the left a racist and every white person of racism, the stigma of that label has lost its sting. Indeed, when I see a media story alleging an event was staged by white racists, my first reaction is to discount it, because if you are not a progressive, or even progressive enough, anything you do or say against their mantra will be labeled racist and extremist.

I never excused the white mafia for their racism. Sure, I understand the dynamics that motivated it. I also understood that, as wrong as black racism was (morally), most of our institutions of the day were favorable toward white people and many of my black friends suffered far worse from that kind of racism than I did when a few black kids tried to say I was evil for being white. I don't think it is accurate to say we have as much institutional racism as we did in the 1980's, but it still lingers and is probably a bigger threat to black people than black racism is to white people.

But an even bigger threat than either white or black racism is the ideological bigotry of the left, who have institutionalized their intolerance toward all who refuse to worship their gods. A black person may be fed a steady diet of black racism against whites to keep them on the Progressive plantation, but let them step away from progressivism one bit and they will suffer dearly. Especially if they do so publicly.

The danger comes when a majority population is put off and demonized by a powerful ideological minority who use racism directed against them as a tool to spread division and fear while enforcing ideological purity.

There could come a point when a sizeable plurality of white people in the South, who are particularly targeted by the left because they don't tend to embrace progressivism, flock to the white nationalist cause. It will be easy for them to dismiss cries that white nationalism is racist as a boy who cried wolf too many times. Being called racist for attaching to actual racism, albeit in somewhat of a disguise, will have no more sting than being called a racist for being white or being told you have to apologize for things other people who looked like you did.

Pushing guilt on the innocent doesn't produce guilt or paralysis, it produces anger and hatred. If such guilt is imposed in the name of some minority group, then that whole minority group could be the target of the reactionary hatred. The left are trying to guilt and shame white people into embracing progressivism as penance for the crimes of their race and to discredit the values and heritage of our nation which might oppose progressivism. They are making victims of other groups in order to gain their uncritical support.

Nobody should ever accept being told who and what they are or can be on any basis other than their own individual merit. Period. Whether it is a black person told they are inferior mentally or not on par with whites or if it is white person told they are inherently racist (i.e. morally inferior) because they are white, such notions must he forcefully rejected by the individual.

The problem here is not "reverse racism." Black people may have racialist views after a steady diet of progressive propaganda, but they will never be able to create institional racism against white people. The real problem is the ideological bigotry of the left, which is becoming institionalized to such an extent that a white, conservative Christian could face more institional bias against them than a black person, although a black, conservative Christian will fare no better.

The left is not creating anti-white racism, even if it seems they are. They offer the white-guilted a path to semi-redemption through permanent penance, self and ancestral disavowal, and, most importantly, strict and unquestioning obedience to their party line. This is already a fact of life in much of academia, it permeates much of the news media, and it is growing in the corporate world.

The flocking to the banners of the South by angry whites whose reactionary hatred is focused on race, and not ideology, is the bitter fruit of progressive ideological bigotry. That bigotry may use white-shaming as a tactic, but it is not really the root or goal. The root is ideological extremism on the part of the left and the goal is an ideologically monolithic society rewritten according to the utopian dreams of progressive elites, most of whom are in fact white.

The UPDR Cross and the Christian ideals it represents for a fair, free, and just society of equals in inherent dignity is the only kind of response to ideological and racial bigotry. If you are black and told you are a victim, don't fall for this attempt to reduce you to that status, stand up and demand equality of respect and opportunity and ally yourself with anyone who will judge you ONLY on the basis of merit. If you are white and told you are a monster, reject that, and make the same demand of equality, and ally yourself with anyone else who will only judge you on the basis of your individual merit.

Then as now I saw the UPDR Cross as representing the best way to unify diverse people of all ethnic backgrounds around a set of broad ideals for a free and pluralistic community where people could be ethnically and culturally diverse in their own fraternal communities but could also come together and be as one on a broader basis of human dignity. This vision is far superior to leftist ideological bigotry and its white-shaming or to actual white nationalist racism. This vision demands each of us set aside all bias toward anyone else and judge each person only on the merit of their individual ideas, character, virtues, conduct, skill, and achievements. This is the only alternative to racism or any form of totalitarianism.

If you are a Christian and want to fight the hate while preserving a Christian culture from the attacks on the left, contact me, I am looking for a few good men and women to help found a new "nation", a nation born on the web to empower Christians, help Christian refigees, and be a witness for Jesus to the nations.


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