image is a learning community, designed as a Christian Social Network, based on "World2147", a fictional future history which teaches a Christian governance philosophy as a governing and lifestyle discipline. Through this social network users can experience the virtual future world of "Upadaria" and learn the concepts, principles, and practices of that world which they can apply to their lives to find and fulfill God's best for their lives: and thereby extend the reach and influence of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God among men. depicts the "nation" of Upadaria, a Christian nation which you can "adopt" as a Christian and as a citizen of your home country. For instance, I am a Christian first, then an American citizen, and a Upadarian by my chosen nationality, though I am also Prussian and German by disposition and preference and a mix of nationalities by ancestry. You don't have to "adopt" a new "nationality" to join this social network, but it is based on the "Upadarian nation" of a fictive future history in its style, structure, and nonmenclature. In reality, leaving all nested identities aside, being Christian is all we really need to be!

"Upadaria" is not an "organization", it is a philosophy, a predicted and prescribed future nationality, the basis of a future Christian civilization, and a Christian lifestyle and governing discipline depicted and taught through the framework of a "nation of people whose God is the Lord." You don't have to be a "Upadarian national" to join this social network, and you don't have to join this social network for follow this governing and lifestyle discipline, or even to consider yourself a "Upadarian" by adoptive "nationality", nested within your existing nationalities.

This Christian social network is called "Upadaria" because the term is meant to be broad, inclusive, and open to all Christians who wish to manifest and actualize the core ideals of Kingdom governance in their lifestyle and to govern their relationships and associations. Through participation in the virtual and simulated activities and functions of this social network's learning program, a program based on the concept of a nation of people whose God is the Lord, you will be equipped and empowered to actualize and manifest the true "government of the Kingdom of God" among men. Unleashing the power of the Government of the Kingdom in your life and relationships will draw men and women to Christ and make you a witness for Jesus to the nations.

We are not interested in whether or not you become a "Upadarian", that's just a handy way for us to identify our philosophy and this community, we are interested in you becoming a fully empowered Christian who is actualizing the full supernatural power of "the Government of the Kingdom of God" being manifested among men!

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