Christian empowerment, what is It?

Bossily it comes down to two things that really lead to and serve a third: liberation from ungodly control and influence, fulfillment to be God’s best for your life, and it involves being equipped to be an effective witness and influence for Jesus.

Here is how we see the path to empowerment through the convictions and practices of our society, founded as they are upon Christian universals:

First, Christian empowerment is about mutual self-reliance through a form of koionia (freewill covenant association) translated into a type of extended multi-family household fellowship (oiokos) that results in you and those with you being free from most or all the influence or control of the current society.  It is the practical way we live IN this world system without being OF it.

Second, Christian empowerment taps into both the whole Body of Christ as a spiritual city-state governed by Christ through the elect (Ecclesia) and through diverse communities within the Ecclesia (ecclesias within, or "Regencies ") so that you can be and fulfill God's best for your life and t the life of people God connects you to, with excellence.

Third, all of this points to living missionally as a witness and influence for Jesus to the nations (ethne), in part by actualizing our shared nationhood in Christ with the whole Body (especially by serving Christians in crisis) and in part by being a distinct nation of people whose God is the Lord, all to effectively witness to and influence the nations of people around us.

In short, our "program" is meant to liberate you from the control and influence of this society, it is meant to enable you to fulfill God's best for your life, and it is meant to equip and support you to be a witness and influence for Jesus to the nations of people around you.

Become liberated.

Be fulfilled.

Be a witness.

This is how we envision true Christian empowerment, and it requires a lifestyle and governance discipline along with freewill covenant association and missional living to translate such empowerment into practical impact

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