A fraternal community could be a few houses on a street, with some form of lodge or common house in the center, and perhaps a market.

Would you be interested in joining a "land trust" for $95/month, with $33 being used to develop an online Christian community (including paying for salaries, web resources, professional services. marketing, and developing a "model" community with 120 or so homes)?

I don't know what the legal framework would be, but unless people are interested, it is a moot point to investigate,

So the deal would be something like:

1. 1/3rd ($33) goes towar d an virtual Christian community and a land trust for the eventual creation of a model community- this would eventually be owned by a Christian fraternal society but each subscriber would have access to a campsite/emergency shelter in that community it they ever needed it

2. You would benefit from use and/or profits from the sale/lease of land

3. You would have a guaranteed shelter in an emergency plus multiple locations as a shared "bugout" location

4. Eventually, there might be a way to develop low-cost housing you can access as a subscriber

5. The program.service could use its assets to help members finance their own homes and land, this would add revenue to the fund while helping members save money

Again, I don;t know what legal framework or framekworks would be needed. My guess is, if you have 200 or 300 people willing to form this entity, a way could be found.

You would not have to be a member of the Society in order to participate, although you should more or less agree with the general aims or goals of that society.

You would personally benefit, you would have "assurance" of emergency shelter, and you would be supporting the vision/mission of a fraternal society devoted to missionary work and helping Christian refugees.

I am using the tentative title "The Riqueday Land Trust Program" to define this idea. Its final form would be determined after seeking legal aid. Initially,
"subscribers" would possibly pay the $95/month toward development costs and receive a share in the virtual community, with no more than 25% ownership of the virtual community being assigned in total.

Once there are at least 120, and as many as 300, people willing to commit to this idea, then we can develop this further and create whatever legal entities are needed. The bottom line is, everyone will be a "land owner" and have access to land a resource and, eventually, emergency shelter while sharing in revenue created through the effort. So you get to have access to emergency shelter, have help in financing your own land/home, earn shared revenue, and support the creation of a fraternal Christian society that empowers Christians, does missionary work, and helps Christian refugees.

Use the contact form below if this interests you.

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