Bill Collier- Within 5 years I predict as many as 20% of Westerners and as many as 10% of the world population will be part of a cryptonation that reflects their values and/or their ethnicity in some way and that provides a sociocultural and economic platform that connects them to similar people all over the world, across political borders.

The reason cryptonations will be so popular in the West is because a sizeable plurality of people see the current sociocultural and economic system as being antithetical to their beliefs and values and hostile toward their ethnicity. People are naturally tribal, and this can be good if channeled in a way that doesn't isolate them from or make them hostile to other tribes, or national communities.

Because cryptonations are not going to be geocentric or political, they will both fill the need for cohesive national communities and yet allow for a cosmopolitan way of life in which daily interaction and mutual tolerance between cultures is the new norm. That is the potential.

For my own self, while I want to be part of a cohesive socioeconomic and cultural community of people (a nationhood) whose shared beliefs and values I embrace, I also want to be connected to the greater world around me and have ties to people of diverse sociocultural communities and ancestral backgrounds. Indeed, this tolerance, respect, and curiosity toward other national communities would be a value I want in my own national community.

Those who are the first to adopt and embrace the kind of cryptonation I am envisioning will be in the same advantageous position as the early adopters of cryptocurrency!

A cryptonation I envision would ultimately be based on a web 3.0 platform of interconnected apps and governed by an international society with NGO status. It will have its own cryptocurrency, its own marketplace, its own communication system, its own private meshnet, and even its own physical fraternal communities distributed around the world as refuges and missionary hubs. It will necessarily begin in a web 2.0 environment as it gains support in terms of funding and expertise, but it's destination is a radical technological departure from today's two dimensional and linear internet.

Cryptonations, Cryptomarkets, Cryptonetworks, and Cryptocommunities are the future, they are the backbone of web 3.0. Adopt it early and thrive. Basically, peer-to-peer and blockchain to quantum computing technology based apps connected to private and interconnected meshnets will exist beside and eventually transcend web 2.0 technology. The prefix "crypto" denotes the technology backbone, and the fact communications will be entirely encrypted.

People who are part of cryptonations will he part of global networks which even change, for instance, the nature of home ownership.

Rather than owning a single house or plot of land, people will opt to buy shares in globally distributed fraternal communities.

Here is how it will work.

You own shares which entitle you to available residential space in any fraternal community that is part of your network. So, if you move from Atlanta to LA and find a member fraternal community in LA, you just transfer your residence from Atlanta to LA. Nothing to sell or buy.

Because it is a fraternal community using mutual assurance, if for some reason you can't pay your monthly loan, to buy your shares, you have an assurance of help through your rough spot. So, no more living paycheck to paycheck or being a few paychecks away from being homeless.

You could also have shares that allow you to use guest housing for travel, no more worrying about expensive hotels. And of you are a business person, you will have access to space for meeting people wherever you travel.

The same kind of approach might apply to cars. Within a fraternal village, where everything is within walking distance, you might not have a car. A tram or trolley might take you from a car park on the periphery to your home inside. Instead of owning a car, you might instead be part of a car cooperative and use the car only when needed: perhaps a passenger van for a family road trip, or a sports car for a fun excursion.

Through apps in your cryptonation you would be able to locate and pay for these services, using your cryptocurrency. What is more, your cryptonation would connect to other cryptonations around the world and cryptocommunities in your area: it would not be a walled-off platform.

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