The name of our Christian social network is "Upadaria", pronounced yoo-pah-daria, and it stands for four core ideals by which we can create Christian community. The initials UPDR stand for Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. These things might sound "political", but if you understand them more broadly and deeply, they are about fairness, justice, and peace: they are relational and they are the best basis of having community.

But our Christian social network with a "funny" name is not just about these ideals, although they will guide us in our aims, it is really about Christians being empowered to live as witnesses for Jesus to the nations: Christians helping each other become witnesses for Jesus to the nations!

The whole structure, and theme, of Upadaria, the Christian social network with a weird name, is based on the core concept of a "nation of people whose God is the Lord." You'll see more of that as the community grows, and through your participation, you'll become a better witness for Jesus to your physical nation, to the people around you. That's the idea.

For now, just come in, set up your profile, go to the forums, write your own content, post pictures, meet and connect with other people, and start your own groups. What we have long needed is a Christian social network with a mission and a vision to reach the nations for Jesus- and now it has arrived!

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