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Our service centers around "The Blue Book of Upadaria." The Blue Book of Upadaria offers a backwards glance at world history from the late 20th century to the year 2147 A.D. when it was written. You can think of it as showing the world as it could be or as an alternative future history, but the book contains both a warning of what could come and a blueprint for your own life if you desire to be and fulfill God's best for your life.

The book is the result of over 35 years of study and experience based on a starting point of a series of spiritual encounters that led to envisioning the world in 2147 A.D. and then what led to that world being created. This book is an abbreviated version of what will eventually be a multi-volume series outlining the whole history and philosophy of a new Christian civilization that arises by 2147.

How is this useful to you, beyond being a fictional future history?

It is useful in three levels: it shows you with prophetic inspiration what can happen if the countries and nations of the Western world especially do not adhere to right principles, it outlines a practicable lifestyle and governance discipline rooted in Scripture that transcends mere Churchianity and Politocracy, and it provides a blueprint for forming empowering and liberating forms of Christian community based on the national identity and way of life outlined in the stories.

Presented as a future fictional history, the Blue Book of Upadaria is a Christian liberation manual. If you are fed up with the paradigms of Churchianity and with the current political states and their Politocracy (where politics rules everything and only a few control politics) then this is the book for you. Through imagining the world revealed in this book, you can adapt its ideas to your life and your circumstances: this is called "the revolution within" and it is a process that makes you independent of the world system but still an active witness and influence for Jesus in relation to the PEOPLE in that system.

It's hard to classify this book. Yes, it is fiction. But its story is meant to inspire and motivate you to find new ways to live and relate which will allow you to realize your potential as a "regent" of Jesus Christ to reach the nations for Him.

The book gives you the history of how this new civilization emerges, with its nations and countries. It details the core beliefs and overall philosophy, or lifestyle and governance discipline, of this new civilization. And it contains the "national covenant" for the vanguard nation of this civilization, which you can apply in your own life.

I say it is prophetically inspired to mean it has prophetic insight. I know it does because many of the elements of the story have been fulfilled since I first saw it in 1982. The timeline of events is not accurate, however, as when I first envisioned all this I did not have any dates, I added those later.

But I don't mean this as a prophecy. To be prophetically inspired means there is a prophetic message, namely that unless the nations and countries addressed here align themselves with God's will, they could suffer a terrible fate. Of particular importance to the story are America, Germany, and the West African countries and tribes. But all of the world is the audience.

What do I hope to happen as a result of this book? Namely, I believe eventually there will be a new nation of people who emerge globally through the web, who then form local gatherings of chapters, and who are organized not as a political state but as a global Society.

But the reader will take from the book what they need. Some will join this virtual community and become part of "The Christian Commonwealth of Upadaria", a non-territorial virtual commonwealth to be organized as a global fraternal Christian Missionary and Refugee Society; in other words a Christian Society that has a fraternal basis (shared national identity), that carries out missionary work, and that helps Christian refugees.

The story is not to be taken too literally. I don't literally plan to create the Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria or the political states that emerge using the UPDR governance model, in fact I desire the nations and countries I address in the story to avoid a fate such as occurs to them in the story. On the other hand, the emergence of political states that follow the UPDR model is a possibility, it's just not something I am working toward: it is a possible outcome but it is neither a means nor an end for this vision of a new nation and a new Christian civilization.

The Blue Book of Upadaria will inspire you and challenge you. It will give you ideas you can use. Using the book as a starting point, we can expect a virtual community for "personal empowerment through shared responsibility" will emerge that truly liberates you from the control and influence of a society that is at variance with the teachings of the Bible.

I hope you enjoy it and that you walk away better than before you started reading this book. I pray God uses it to bless you and make you a more effective witness for Jesus to the nations. Through the virtual community you will get much more out of this book than you will on your own, but even on its on and will bless you.

Advanced copies of the book, with a one year membership to our member's only site, are now available. The book you receive will be a collector's edition, signed by the author, and will include your virtual KEY to participate in a membership site for people who have read the book to mutually support one another in utilizing its ideas. You will also receive a PDF version of the book as well as regular updates and special content to help you use this ideas for "personal empowerment through shared responsibility."

The total cost for all this is $45, shipping is free. You will receive the PDF "galley" of the book, with subsequent updates, as well as be immediately included on our member's only list. Next, once we open the member's only community up, you will receive your personal key to log in. Your annual membership will begin from the time you sign in. We expect the final printed version to be proofed and printed by January or sooner, you will receive updates on this.

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