small logo lightTo sign up for an account you need to abide by our Standards. These are enforced according to the spirit of Christian community, not in some legalistic manner. Of course we expect you to either be a Christian or at least to respect our beliefs and moral standards: this is not a place for debating our faith or morals with a hostile crowd. This is not a place for profanity, vulgarity, or rudeness and subjects should be age appropriate, relevant, and within the limits of our Christian values.

While we certainly promote our own Christian way of life, centered on fatherhood and motherhood, within a lifelong marital bond, as the ideal basis of the family and the nation, we do not brook intolerance or hate toward others or condone denigrating or otherwise mistreating anyone on any basis, everyone deserves to be treated according to the merits of their character, skills, achievement, and contributions. Our community is FOR our war of life and serves those who wish to live such a way of life, but we are not AGAINST others. Ours is a private community, and whole, within the broader society, we endorse free speech, even speech we find disagreeable, within our community we do not have room for hatred and any sort of calls for violence against or the suppressing of the civil rights of others.

Upadaria is envisioned as a color-blind society of equals in inherit dignity and equality of opportunity within a pure meritocracy we call a "nobility of merit." We do not do identity politics of any kind here nor do we welcome those issues into our community. We have no prior history as a community or nation of people other than the one we build here, we do not need or want the baggage from the old and dying civilization to be brought into out world here. Within Upadaria everyone is inherently equal in dignity and worth, and nobody, rich or poor, should be left behind, neglected, or hindered, everyone should know they are cared for, that they are valued, and that they will be treated with respect. If you have a problem considering every member of our community your equal in inherent dignity and value, this is not the place for you. If you wish to carry grievances from the old and dying civilization into our community, this is not the place for you.

You should not hassle or harass people, argue with community guides, discuss or debate governance issues related to someone in public, disclose anyone's confidential information, promote anything illegal or immoral, or otherwise disrupt the normal communications and other activities of the community and its members. In short, be decent and kind, treat people like you know Jesus would treat them, be honest, and remember that this is a Christian virtual refuge from the outside world. It is meant to refresh, inspire, and equip you so that you can leave this virtual space and go out to be an effective witness for Jesus by your words and deeds.

A Community Builder's Pledge for Common Unity

(This applies only to Christian members who will take roles of leadership in Christian groups, and to hosted websites which wish to be promoted in this community.)

I agree with and will adhere to the following:

Peter had a revelation, and that revelation led him to say to Jesus, “you are the Messiah, the Son of God” and Jesus responded by saying, “you are Peter (little stone) and upon this rock I will build My Assembly of Called Out Ones.” The rock was the truth which is that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God and the assembly of called out ones (ecclesia) is a community of Christians.

There are four important truths which we cannot ever ignore: first is that we can only understand who Jesus Christ is through Divine revelation, second that Jesus is the Messiah (savior) and the Son of God (the Lord), third that it is upon the revelation of this truth that He builds the community of believers, and fourth that He came here not to establish a religion but, rather, a society, a community, of called-out-ones who would be in this present age but not of it.

It is our firm conviction that by Divine Revelation all must learn and believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who has come to deliver us from our sins and our dead works and who has called us out of the world’s system, a kingdom of darkness under judgment, and into the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom of Light, a civilization centered on the person, will, and Word of Jesus Christ.


We acknowledge and affirm the following creed:

Jesus Christ, who is God, is the Word and by Him all things were created and through His sovereign will all things exist so that nothing exists without Him and nothing may be removed without Him.

In six days created He the earth, these being seven actual days, for it says “in six days He created the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day He rested.” He created all things by His Word for it says He spoke creation into existence, and He did not do this in phases or stages but all at once, miraculously.

There is only one God who is three in one, a mysterious trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit who was and is and is to come, who has neither beginning nor end, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, who is not bound by physical or other laws nor by time or space.

God Created man in His own image, male and female, and ordained marriage from the beginning because “it is not good that man should be alone”, and He created Eve from Adam’s rib so that she became woman, which means “from man.”

God said to them, giving them a mandate, “be fruitful and multiply and have dominion over the earth” signifying that they were to be stewards and regents over His possessions as caretakers and rulers.

Adam and Eve partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, being beguiled by the serpent who said “you shall surely not die”, and sin entered and death with sin so that all things became corrupt so that it says “all creation groans in expectation of the deliverance of the saints”, to wit the restoration of paradise.

Being in sin Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden of Eden which was guarded by a cherubim with a flaming sword so that they dared not enter again and God said, “let man labor by the sweat of his brow.”

In time Noah was born and in all the earth their was evil and God said unto Noah to build and ark, and he did, and the rains came and fountains of the earth opened up so that even the land masses moved and so great was the ark that every living thing, male and female, was preserved to multiply after the flood ended. It rained 40 days and 40 nights and all of humanity save Noah and his wife and his sons and their wives.

From Noah all the families of the earth came and God made a covenant with Noah that He would no longer flood the earth and this He reminds us of by the rainbow.

God has called Israel as a People, by blood and by spirit, to be His witnesses and to inherit their birthright, even the tribes of Israel who are physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and spiritual Jews, believers grafted into the vine by the blood of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, a peculiar people, a royal people, that together all of Israel, both those who are biological heirs and those who are grafted into the vine, might show forth the praises of God through faith in the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Before the foundation of the world the lamb of God was slain, which means that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ was, is, and will ever be the sole means by which all men, both those who have come before and those who are yet to come may be saved from the law of sin and death which works destruction through their inherently sinful flesh.

Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary who knew no man and of whom it was said “Mary, mother of God, blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.”

Jesus Christ was all God and lived as man and was tempted in all manner as we are tempted and knew not one sin nor any thought or imagination of sin, being perfect in holiness and faith and wisdom but being limited, while He dwelt amongst us, to human capability.

All the works that Jesus did while He dwelt with us in the flesh He did according to what is available to all people, so that he could say, “he that believes on me the works that I do, even greater works will he do because I go to my Father.”

Jesus was crucified according to the wishes of the Sanhedrin, who violated their own law, and by the hand of Pontius Pilate after He was betrayed by Judas Iscariot, he who held the purse for the disciples, for 30 pieces of silver.

Jesus Christ was crucified in the Roman manner, He was hung between two thieves, one of whom found paradise through repentance and the other who refused the opportunity and died in his sins.

The Roman guards ensured that Jesus was dead by piercing His side, from which blood and water flowed, but they broke not a bone in fulfillment of prophecy which said not a bone would be broken and which said “then they look on me which pierced me.”

Jesus was dead and gave up the ghost, for He said “into your hands I commit my soul.”

He descended into the depths and removed the believers in Abraham’s bosom and He made an open show of the conquering of sin and death and took the keys thereof.

He was dead three days and on the morning of the third day He rose from the grave and appeared again unto the disciples and commanded them saying, “preach the gospel to every person baptizing them into the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, making disciples of all Peoples.”

Therefore, it is said truly that God sent His own Son that whoever believes in Him might be saved so that those who repent of their sins and their dead works and believe in Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, sinless life, death, burial, and resurrection and in His Divinity and who adhere to Him as their Lord, these shall be saved and not be any other means may any person be saved.

He ascended unto the heavens, before 500 witnesses, and is seated at the right hand of the Father where He has gone to prepare a place for those who believe on His name.

He will return in glory and receive His saints who are alive, for it says “then they which are alive will meet Him in the air”, and He will wage war on His enemies in a final showdown wherein the armies of the earth will be defeated at Armageddon and He will reign for one thousand years after which satan will be loosed again for a season and one last battle and then shall there be a new heaven and a new earth.

In the final day, at the end of all things, He will create a new heaven and a new earth and the former will not be remembered nor come into mind and those who are the called out ones, all of Israel both the heirs by blood who have received the Messiah and the grafted in ones who are grafted in by the blood of Christ, will be joint heirs and co-regents with Christ reigning forever anFord ever with Him in glory.


Our Basis of Christian Fellowship

In all that we say and do and proclaim and believe, in every thought and purpose, we acknowledge this creed as the highest law and the only possible path to eternal life so that all who deny this creed are anathema, which being translated means accursed. All who name this creed, and diligently seek to obey it in holiness and faith and love, according to the workings of the Spirit of God, we acknowledge as our brothers and sisters and we prefer them above all others, whether of the blood or of the spirit.

Let men everywhere recite this creed and remember it to one another and to their children in holy, reverent fear, and end by saying, “Our Father who is in heaven, most hallowed and sacred is your Name, so terrible and mighty and blessed that we fully expect to give our lives in your service, in sacred oath! May your Kingdom come down to the earth, and may your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses in so far as we also forgive those who trespass against us, and forgive also those who trespass against us, and deliver us from all evil, for yours is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever, AMEN.”

Therefore when men might say, “tell us what hope is in you”, teach them this creed and to believe on Jesus through a confession of faith and to be converted as confirmed by word and deed, for faith without works is dead, before the eyes of all the assembly of believers.

Let us also participate in Holy Communion, in the Love Feast of believers, as it was in days of old, when the called out ones ate their meal together in fellowship and afterwards break their bread saying, as Christ said, “take, eat, this is my body which is broken for you”, and taking the wine saying, as said Christ, “take, drink, this is my blood, the blood of the new covenant, which is shed for you”, He also commanding us saying, “this do as often as you do in remembrance of me.” By communion we do acknowledge His death, and His resurrection, until he comes, for His death was once and is and will always be for the remission of our sins working effectively in us now and always and His resurrection gives us victory over sin and death and a new life as new creations in Him.

We acknowledge no King but Jesus and no holy person or special anointed person but our Savior by whom we may boldly enter into the throne of grace and because of whom our spirits cry Abba, which means “Father.”

God has called all of us, each one of us, to be royalty and into a priesthood of believers so that all who are Christ’s are as the Lord’s Anointed, and let no human being say, “I am the Lord’s anointed over you” lest God smite him for his vanity and punish him for his blasphemy, for whoever sets themselves up as a mediator is denying Christ and claiming to be Christ.

We have not been called into religious services or temple organizations, we have been called out of the community of unbelievers to leave behind all the elements of our old life of sin, bound by death, and into a new society, a spiritual community of Christ’s disciples who have surrendered their whole lives, in unconditional and total abandon, for the work of the cross and the preaching of the gospel that by our witness we might rescue the dying and the deceived and the prisoners of the law of sin and death.

We, as believers and disciples and citizens of a Christ-centered civilization, seek to help one another in true love, faith, holiness, and power bearing one another’s burdens, caring for those in need out of our substance, risking all and bearing all for the good of all that in all things Christ might be revealed and glorified to all who see us so that as Christ said so may we, “for which of our good works do you seek our ill?” For the world hated Christ and we do not expect to be loved, for the world loves his own and we are not of this world, therefore as the world hated Christ so too it hates us and we may also say, as the Psalmist, “do not I hate them that hate you, I hate them with perfect hatred and I count them mine enemies”, but as Christ said, “love your enemies”, so we hate their sin and love them even as we oppose them and preach repentance to them saying, “unless you are born again you will be damned for eternity.”

We seek a deeper community than mere public meetings or sermons preached in the presence of all, though we do not deny the power of such things. We seek a community of relationships all centered on the person and the work of Christ towards that end that all believers lack for nothing and that all believers are effective witnesses of the gospel to the lost around them.

Towards this end, the end of living the fullness of the gospel truth in faith, love, holiness, and power, and towards the end of broadcasting this message to all men and women on this planet until Jesus returns in glory we solemnly pledge our property and means, our time and our resources, our honor, and our very lives forsaking all others save for Christ and seeking only to know Christ and Him crucified.

The Community Building Pledge

This is the basis of our community standards.

This agreement is voluntary, no person will be forced to sign it. Members, however, will prefer one another in all dealings because they agree to this covenant of Unity (Unity in diversity), Liberty (Popular sovereignty), Opportunity (Democratic equality), and Justice (Rule of law).

Any individual who can faithfully and fully subscribe to our faith, our lifestyle and governance discipline, and other important principles as detailed below has an inherent right to be a part of our community.

Our Creed

I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth, who gave us His Holy Word, which is infalllable. I believe in Jesus Christ The Word who was and is and is to co who was with God and who is God, God's only Son, our Lord,who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, who suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried; He descended to Hell On the third day he rose again; he ascended into heaven, He is seated at the right hand of the Father, and He will come again to judge the living and the ded. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Universal church, United in Christ many liturgies, One Lord, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. AMEN

You agree not to undermine, threaten, or disrespect our creed within this private web-based community and to be governed, within this community, by our governance discipline and our lifestyle discipline.

Our Governance Discipline

            The spiritual constitution of our community is the four core ideals. As these ideals have worked well for those nations which have used them so too can they work for the success of any person, community, or nation that adheres to them.

 Unity in diversity- we are united in our One true faith and diverse in all other ways. We tolerate and love all, regardless of their faith or any other condition even as we assert our own right to live as individuals and as a community according to our convictions.

Popular sovereignty- our full individual sovereignty comes from full community sovereignty which expresses the sense of our values and way of life and to achieve this we seek practical ways to exercise our self reliance.

Democratic equality- we expect to be judged solely on the merit of our work and our character without hindrance, prejudice, or favoritism and in order to do this we demand only that we receive our rewards based on our level of participation.

Rule of law- we will make the law and benefit from the law in accordance with the dictates of our faith and our community values and in order to achieve this we will protect our interests and guard our rights and privileges and help one another to do the same.

By adhering to each of these ideals in a balanced manner, with scripture as our guide, we can create a sense of Christian community that enables every participant to find and achieve God's will for their lives.

Our Lifestyle Discipline

The Community Vision

           The Community Builder always seeks the best and most effective ways to fulfill the following vision for our community:

Cooperation- wherever possible, we will seek cooperation rather than raw competition and we will both share in the work and the rewards of our community building effort.

           Sustainability- wherever possible we will seek self sustaining relationships and activities and we will rely as much as possible on naturally renewable resources which we seek to have direct or collective ownership over.

           Consensus- wherever possible we will seek to make decisions in accordance with our faith via a consensual decision making process that allows for unanimously agreed to decisions as much as we can.

The Social Ethic

As a Freedomist Community we agree to abide by the following social ethic:

Welfare- the welfare of each member will be respected and no harm will knowingly be done or be permitted to be done to any member of our community

Justice- to each according to their due, honor to whom honor is due, discipline to whom discipline is due, according to God's law and the laws of this community

Autonomy- each  person is a free and sovereign agent joining themselves by free association to our community and each person is free to join if they agree to our way of life or is free to leave if they desire to do so

The Four Conditions of  Personal Freedom

As a Concordian Community the economic goals of our community conform to a Concordian economic model based on the four conditions of freedom:

          Investment- within our community every member who participates has equal and fair access to investment capital based on their ability to pay and the merit of their ideas

Land- within our community, all land purchased in common for the benefit of all will be equally accessible and any private user will compensate the community for that use

 Participation- ownership in terms of risk, authority, and profit sharing is based on level of participation which includes time, money, resources, expertise, and any other factors that contribute to an economic enterprise

Protection- every member of our community will have access to knowledge, resources, and tools by which they can protect their rights, persons, and wealth

Concepts underlying our Community Standards

Harmony and Adaptability of  Community Building Principles

These principles are general. No doubt there will be many different ways for each community to achieve them, this is a measure of our diversity. Over time, the best methods will succeed and other methods will fail: this competition will cause the most useful methods to rise to the top and, as needs and circumstances change, the once successful methods will have to be replaced by new successful methods.

Principles For Self-Government

All of life is about relationships and decision-making. The purpose of a relationship must therefore determine its nature, how collective decisions are made, and what activities it "governs".

There are essentially seven authorities: Regal Authority which moderates all other authorities and protects core vision, Spiritual Authority which protects doctrine and meets spiritual needs, Magisterial Authority which protects people and provides basic infrastructure services, Civil Authority which provides public works and keeps the peace internally,  Economic Authority which provides economic opportunity and provides economic services, and Social Authority which sets social rules and which provides social services. And Domestic Authority which maintains the social compact and shared values and beliefs for a national people through freewill covenant association. (A potential 8th, the Imperial Authority, does not apply here as it is a martial authority by which physical military force is governed and foreign relations or diplomacy is managed.)

The Regal authority should be made up of a nobility or merit who demonstrate a strong personal faith in Christ and devotion to our community to uphold its standards, creed, mission, and vision. It is the authority that holds the whole community together on the basis of freewill covenant association.

The Magisterial authority keeps the peace and protects the community for all hazards to the rights, welfare, and property both of the members and of property they hold in common, be an opposition to the evildoer and never to the innocent.

The Spiritual authority must is responsible to God and the Bible to serve the people in edification, discipleship, religious services, and evangelism.

The Civil Authority is the means by which conflicts and torts are resolved, public works and the commons are maintained, and general internal peace is maintained.

The Economic Authority is the means by which a marketplace that is equitable, fair, and free is maintained for the good of all according to the merit or persons and products which openly compete without favor or prejudice.

The Social Authority carries our and provides for mutual assurance, social services, cultural services, and benevolence of a social nature in accordance with the moral and ethical convictions of the community and for the common good.

Domestic Authority is rooted in the family and fraternal bonds of freewill covenant association and is defined as a nation of people with their own sociocultural identity and autonomy within the larger society.

These authorities do overlap, which makes them distinct is their purpose.

Principles For Governance

Self-government in this community will be based on these principles. While all Communities will differ each is guided by the four core ideals, the social vision, the social ethic, and the following principles for self government:

1) Every individual and community has a right to petition, redress, recall of elected officials, referendum, self expression, self reliance, self defense, the fruits if their participation, and those rights commonly referred to in the “Bill of Rights” of the U.S, constitution.

2) Every collective sovereignty, whether a free association, company, or community (or even a state) should be led by a plurality of leadership with each of the leaders having specific tasks to perform, with all leaders being accountable to one another, and with the other leaders being able to veto the actions of any single leader.

3) As much as possible all decisions of a higher order, such as long term policy, should be made by a consensus, in other words as close to 100% consensus amongst members as possible. Decisions of a more mundane order should be made by leaders or steering committees so as to ensure that the sovereign entity can quickly respond and react to changing situations and function efficiently on both a long term and short term basis. This applies to all national bodies.

4) All power should be both specific and divided into major functions to provide for a system of checks and balances and to allow the greatest possible opportunity for leaders to rise up and find a useful  place in society. Our goal is a society of entrepreneurs, therefore we will attract leaders who want, and need, a useful job to do. The greatest amount of sovereignty exists at the community level, all higher level sovereign entities derive their sovereignty from individuals and communities. This applies to national bodies.

5) All authority falls into three branches and essentially three functions. The three branches of authority are executive, judicial, and legislative. All three braches check one another, are accountable to the people, and are essentially autonomous of one another, The executive enforces the law and carries out day to day functions. The judicial judges as to cases where law has been violated and prescribes redress for such wrong. The legislative sets policy and law.

6) All authority flows from the bottom up and responsibility flows from the top down. In practice this means that sovereignty derives form the individual and their first order collective sovereignties, communities, while strong leaders are personally responsible to the People  to carry out the tasks and policies which have been placed in their hands by the community. The emphasis is on individual authority and responsibility coupled with accountability to the true government, the sovereign People.

7) All laws and policies set at the higher level are enforced at the community level with each community being accountable to the higher-level collective sovereignty which it is a member of. Aside from cases of egregious wrong no community can unilaterally leave or circumvent the laws of the collective sovereign entity of which it is a part.

8) To coordinate the functions of self government a special function is needed, that of mediation. This function consists of an executive and a judicial branch and its function is to enforce the charter or constitution of the collective entity and to act as a court of last resort. The executive of this function is the figurehead of the sovereign entity and the judiciary is like a supreme court. This function is NOT part of the daily workings of government but acts to resolve disputes between any of the governing bodies or to protect the rights of individuals or communities per the charter or constitution.

9) All services of the community’s self-government are paid for according to free market principles, in other words consumers purchase them. From fees for services, and profits derived there from, governments can carry out other tasks which are necessary for the public good but for which they cannot charge a customer. Each entity pays a fee to the higher entity which it belongs to in order to cover expenses for services which are required by all but which cannot necessarily be covered by charging any individual for such a service.

I am A “Community Builder”!

As a Community Builder I agree to abide by the principles and policies of this pledge in my personal life, my behavior towards others, and in my work to help create a Christian community that reaches the lost, encourages believers, and allows me to find and fulfill my calling in Christ.




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