Do you want to reach over 10,000 targeted Christians who will download a free PDF copy of "The Upadarian Voice" monthly Magazine?

In order to promote this community we will be using SEO, adsense, Facebook, and other means to advertise for and obtain 10,000 prospects who will sign up for a free trial account and download a free copy of our premium Digital Magazine, The Upadarian Voice. As a sponsor, we will guarantee that 10,000 or more people download this Digital Magazine, and you will have access to our google stats to see for yourself that this accurate!

We are certain that each month, while your cost will remain the same, the amount of people reading each issue will rise. And so we are offering 120 lucky advertisers a chance to reach such a quality audience for $95 per month. For $95 per month your ad will not only appear in our PDF, but we will have a business directory with 10 categories (open only to 12 businesses that fit that category) which will also be promoted via its own SEO program and to free subscribers and website visitors on the Upadarian Voice website. Your banner will be rotated in the appropriate section of the website and will be seen by at least 10,000 people per month.

So you get:

1. A 2.5" x 4" ad in the PDF version of The Upadarian Voice downloaded by at least 10,000 Christian readers per month- and that number will only rise!

2. A Business Directory ad in one of 10 catergy pages which includes only 12 businesses, reaching 10 to 25 thousand people per month

3. A Banner Ad in the appropriate section of The Upadarian Voice online reaching 10,000 impressions per month

Oh, and there's MORE if you act now:

1. A Free Profile featuring your business or ministry (a $45/month value) which is search engine optimized for up to 5 profitable long tail keywords

2. Free web hosting for up to a 2 gig website with up to 10,000 unique visitors per month and discounts for adding more memory and bandwidth (a $30 value)

Don't miss this opportunity because within your business/ministry category there are only 12 premium spots (40 total, but the other 28 will not get the extras).

Businesses and ministries who use this service must agree with our statement of faith and commmunity standards as these are Christian directories, however any business can be listed in the general directories, for the same price, and with the same guarantees.

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