I envision the creation of an international Christian fraternal and missionary society that empowers Christ followers to be witnesses for Jesus to the the nations through covenant based relationships and commmunuties based on self-reliance and mutual assurance. 

This Christian fraternal and missionary society will equip and support people who form intentional free covenant associations as both extended familial groups and distributed intentional communities. The key aspects of the society is that members form these familial communities with blood and adopted kinship as their basis. They will support one another in living this way of life, they will act collectively as a regional missionary team while supporting missionary work outside their region, and they will help Christian and other refugees who may be external or internal and who wish to adopt the same Christian way of life in freedom, safety, and prosperity.

The theme of this society will be an international, distributed "Empire of Christian Liberty" called The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria. This will determine and guide its narrative, nomenclature, structure, and even the knowledge based testing of members for advancement in standing and status.

For the United States of America, the national society will be the Upadarian Society of America (USA) modelled on a fictional state called The UpadarianCommonwealth of America (UCA), based on a synthesis of the Puritans and their Town Meetings and the 1776 Constitution of Pennsylvania as the noble experiment. 

In central and northern Europe, the Upadarian Society will be The Upadarian Society of Europe (USE) and will be modelled on a fictional state called The Upadarian Crown Confederal Union of Europe (UCCUE) which is based not a more modern and enlightened version of the Holy Roman Empire.

The society will develop a Christian Social Network, a Christian global news site, and a training program to impart the skills and knowledge needed to live a Christian lifestyle as a free person. 

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