The UPDR Cross found during a trip to Mount Gerizim, Israel

By Bill Collier- So you want to rebel? Here is the path you must follow toward real fulfillment, prosperity, and influence in a world system designed to keep you in bondage to its influence and control. The path forward is through the intentional development of a Christian nation powered by spiritual sovereignty and that is not a political state powered by military and police powers.

Now, when I say the path forward is through the intentional creation of a new Christian nation, you will have a lot of questions. But, most likely, if you are not familiar with what a nation is or what the achievement of this vision looks like, then you will ask the wrong questions.

This article is not going to give you the information you need. To get that, you'll need to search this website, buy my book (see the offer below this article), or sign up for our email list. (So you can get this information for free.)

What I propose is that all efforts to liberate Christians from secular control and influence and to acheive influence as a witness to the nations have run afoul of the theology of nations. Lacking an understanding of nations as instititions on a large scale that create and preserve culture rooted in Biblical ideals, principles, and practices, is truly the greatest hindrance to reform and renewal.

If you want to rebel against the top-down, centralized politocracy, which replaces nations with government and people power with rule by and for the elitist few, then you have to start to unpack your wrongheaded notions of the nation and what nations mean and you have to start to build a nation of people whose God is the Lord.

The first step in your rebellion against the politocracy is to admit and acknowledge that your concept of a nation which is basically controlled by a political system of control from above is unbiblical and dangerous.

Nations are peoples who have a cohesiveness to them which inclides things like language, faith, their chosen lifestyle and governance discipline, their ideals, their shared standards and norms, their sense of "historic place" in terms of root and destiny, and their sociocultural and economic practices, behaviors, and expectations. A nation, ETHNE, has all this plus its own place in time and its own homeland, given by God for a season, so that its members might be able to freely find God if they seek Him.

Upadaria (you pah daria) is the nation whose seed I bear from God, and others will bear, though in legal terms it will have, as its primary leading institution, a globally distributed fraternal Christian society.

The intentional creation of a Christian nation has been done before, but it became wed to the political state in such a way that, over time, the spiritual and sociocultural elements were dispossessed of standing.

This left only a political system that has quite literally begun to wage war on the Christian way. I'm talking about the nations of the West and the vast and all-powerful political states which have becone a threat to their ancient values and beliefs that were once the spiritual and socio cultural foundations of those nations of people.

While some turn to racial and blood-kinship definitions and seek ethno-states based on common ancestry, this is wrong. Nations are not states and they are founded on beleifs and convictions which become the foundation for cohesivenss, not on politics or ancestry.

Everyone who sees the spiritual, moral, cultural, and now econonic and political decline of Western Civilization and its "nation-states", which are all in rebellion against God's righteous standard of justice, cannot help but seek some path of rebellion and liberation against this massive politocracy.

The battle in the political arena is more about human dignity, human flourishing, and human rights in general. The battle against the politocracy is spiritual, then sociocultural and economic, and, finally, political.

The aim is to remove as much of our lives as possible from political influence and control. This is not merely about politics! We have to change the facts on the ground among our own relationships and associations so that liberation from the politocracy is something we can begin to measure in our daily life circumstances through our actions, relationships, and associations.

What politics we may engage in would be meant to provide and recongize the sociocultural and economic autonomy of nations of people in their relationships, associations, organizations, communities, and other legal structures. This means freedom for all, not an imposition of our way of life through political laws and regulations.

But, you may ask, why be part of YOUR Christian nation, and do you want a political state one day?

Let's start with the political state.

First, the governance discipline of the UPDR ideals applies in various ways to every relationship and association. These ideals are the basis of this new nation's identity and even for a whole new Christian civilization as well as a broader lifestyle and governance discipline, called upadarianism.

It is possible that political states that use this would have a UPDR, or UPaDaRian, form of government. In my fictional history, a global commonwealth of such states, coupled with non-state entities, forms The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria. And our online community, modelled on the fictional history, is going to be called The Christian Commonwealth of Upadaria. This online community is a cryptonation: a digital platform built on peer-to-peer apps powered by a blockchain.

But even a state as defined in future terms, built on blockchains ans freewill covenant association as much as possible, would be so different from the "modern" nation-state as to almost defy the definition. These new forms of statehood arr, of course, not the goal or the means to the goal. It's just what the future is likely to bring about, one way or the other.

In political matters, the goal of this nation of people, a cryptonation, is to be recognized globally as a free Society like unto a Native American tribe with refugee and missionary villages distributed globally that are like Indian Reservations of sorts.

Yes, a political state that adopts a UPaDaRian (Upadarian) form of government will necessarily welcome members of the Upadarian national people and recognize their sociocultural and economic autonomy in their borders, but this is not the means or the goal. At best, it might occur organically if these ideals prove useful.

The aim is not statehood, nor is statehood a means. The aim is nationhood and the means is first spiritual, then sociocultural and economic, and, finally, having good relationships with political states that give our society and its member fraternal communities (as mission and refugee hubs) legal standing. The primary structure is not a political state but a cryptonation platform.

The first question is, why get involved in this vision for this specific nation.

Once you realize the necessity, power, and blessing of nationhood, you have four choices: identify and revive an existing nation so that following Jesus becomes part of their core identity, find and join an existing nation by adopting its beliefs and culture (if they accept you), start your own new nation from scratch, or join a new nation-building effort such as the one represented on this website.

The development of Upadaria as a new cryptonation project has taken 35 years, filled with global experiences, study, research, and discovery all, I believe, directed by God who first called me to this mission in 1982 when I was 13 years old.

I have studied the Bible, history, sociology, economics, politics, business, and many other fields. What is more, I have been accomplished in those fields. I have literally had my ideas tested and presented at the highest levels, and I have an insider's view of how world history happens as an observer and participant.

I have a fairly comprehensive starting point and blueprint for a Christrisn nation which you can take "off the shelf" and use right now: it is revealed in the fictional history of the rise of a new Christian civilization. These ideas can liberate you and start helping you quickly.

Alternatively, you have the other options. If you buy and read my book, you will gain insights which can help you no matter what path you choose. And the book will explain both why nations are important and how I intend, with God's provision, to use the vehicle of a Christian society to launch this nation.

If you truly want to rebel, start by pre-ordering my book. You'll get much more besides a book, and you can decide what to do with this newfound wisdom, imparted through a fictional history written in the year 2147.

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