Round Table Revolution

The Round Table Revolution

An Immersive Christian Empowerment Course

26 weeks that will transfigure your life and your reality and make you a change agent for Jesus!

You are not meant to live day to day under the influence or control of the ungodly, without a voice, and stuck doing things to “get by” that really don’t seem like they are God’s best for your life. While I cannot promise you a life without struggles, I can promise you that your life can be bigger, better than it is because I happen to know why so few Christians feel they are living up to God’s best for their lives.

Empowerment in the secular world is all about you, it serves you. Empowerment in the Christian world, if we are Biblical, is all about serving Jesus and being God’s best for your life now. Do you see the huge difference here? When you are in the flow of God’s best for your life, you are happy and blessed even in hard times. I am not proposing to teach you how to avoid hardship, although a startling amount of suffering we endure has everything to do with not following God’s blueprint and nothing to do with God’s will.

I am a 49-year-old man. My resume is fascinating. I am not bragging, I mean that, in terms of being and fulfilling God’s best, I am blessed.

My way of making a living lines up with my calling. I have played a real and sometimes significant role in events that have shaped your life and this country. When it was prophesied I would one day stand before kings, I was excited, but it wasn’t until I made some choices, choices I can help YOU to make God's best come to pass in your life. 

What I want to show you comes from a series of discoveries that began with envisioning a new national people and a new Christian civilization. To convey the ideas, I wrote a fictional future history, starting in 1982, and since then I have learned, line upon line as it were, more and more truths and principles that have made my life different than the lives of many other people I know.

In short, I tapped into powerful truths for a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline founded on the core ideals of a Christian civilization and the sociocultural practices of a Christian nation. I am not offering fluff, I am offering a powerful solution to your need to find and fulfill God’s best for your life in the here and now, not “some day.”

I want to impart this to you. I want to show you what I saw. I want to show you the deeper meaning behind what I saw. I want to show you how to apply this to your life.

I am not offering riches and wealth. I am not offering success. I am not offering the absence of troubles. This is not always abundance. Abundance is being in the center of God’s blueprint, but being there has been made so mystical, and almost something that we cannot control.

What I have learned is that if you follow God’s blueprint for your life, for the family, and even for whole nations, as much as possible, that the laws of cause an effect become your greatest ally. If you do not bother to do these practical things, and thereby keep violating those laws, well, they become your greatest liability.

The first law I want to make you aware of is the law of nations- it says that righteousness exalts a nation and that blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

If you think nation here can be translated as the whole “nation” of God’s elect, as in the Body of Christ, then consider that the blessings of temporal marriage only come through temporal marriage, though we are married to Christ. No, by nations, we are talking about something temporal.

Second, if you assume nations are political states, then you do not understand nations- nations may or may not be associated with a political state, but they are a single people with shared convictions connected in their familial bonds in an extended kinship.

Yes, as part of the Body of Christ we enjoy eternal blessings because we are married to Christ and because we are part of an eternal nation, spiritual Israel. But if we over-spiritualize these institutions, such as marriage, family, and the nations and neglect to understand the role and functions of temporal marriage, family, and nations, then we ignore powerful laws of cause and effect. We will miss the blessings that come only through these institutions which God Himself has ordained for humanity.

There is a saying that says we can be too heavenly minded to do any earthly good. It is partially true, because we really cannot be too heavenly minded. It might read better if we say we can be so mystical that we neglect practical necessity.

We can talk about taking spiritual journeys all we want, for instance, but to actually take a journey overseas we might have a number of practical laws and skills we must know about and utilize to make that trip- such as passports, airline tickets, and even driving. If we make the practical, such as marriage, family, and nations, mystical then we cannot possibly learn the skills and principles needed to execute our role in these areas, much less receive the blessings from these institutions that God has intended.

When I realized that the church world had mystified these practical institutions, especially nations, and started to drill down to the practical things, and laws of cause and effect, related to these temporal institutions and their God-ordained purpose in His Creation, I was able to lift my life above all known and limiting possibilities. If you want to change your reality, you must change your beliefs and thoughts, and to do that you need to start getting an accurate picture of the institutions for human society that God has ordained to bless us and make us effective witnesses to others.

I am going to take you through a journey that starts within you and extends to the whole world. I am going to use the power of imagination and creativity to immerse you into an actual Christian nation, which you can enter from where you sit, so that you can truly see not only what it, but what CAN BE for your life. But I warn you, if you take this journey with me IT WILL BE LIFE ALTERING and anything that is life-altering will be disruptive.

Everything that is not true and that is not God for your life will appear as such, and you will have to make hard choices. I don’t mean anyone will abandon family or spouses, unless in cases of infidelity and abuse, as that is never God for your life. But there will be relationships, job choices, financial habits, and other matters, including how you spend your time, that will have to change. They will have to change not because a man says they should, that is not my job, but because your learning will show you clearly that they must change.

When you see the world that exists through the lens of Scripture and Biblical principles, and the world that can be by following right principles and ideals, then what you have become comfortable with will become uncomfortable. If you don’t like the trajectory of your life, you need a disruption that will empower you to alter course. That is what I am offering.

You see, I knew and even taught some of these ideas a long time ago. But it took my loving wife telling me it was time to start pursuing these things, come what may, because I could never be who God wanted me to be otherwise, to finally break what I felt was a curse on my life. It was a curse on my ability to live out my vision and dreams, which were from God. I learned that if I did not step into the Jordan river and get my feet wet that the waters which had been blocking me would never part.

Only recently I literally dunked myself in the Jordan river exactly where the children of Israel crossed into the promised land. I stood on the Mount of Blessings from where the blessings over the children of Israel were proclaimed. And while there, in the Promised Land, I stood before key leaders of the State of Israel. None of this happened because I was just waiting for God, I have been stepping unto the waters, and God has been parting them as I do.

Do you want this?

I want as many people as possible to have this, but to take all my existing material and turn it into lessons, videos, and the such means time I cannot utilize. My plan is to offer groups of people, in Round Tables of 12 people each, the whole course for a fee, which will justify me turning down other projects and putting my time into finishing and publishing the final course material on a weekly basis.

The Bible says the laborer is worthy of his hire. While I want to go ahead and share this freely with everyone, in order to put my time into this to help you and others, I must monetize it. Once I finish the course with the first groups, I hope to make materials available for free to more people. But for now, I will need to charge a subscription cost for participation.

Just know that by subscribing you do three things: you support the creation of materials I will provide for free to help others, you invest in your own life transformation, and you take your own step of faith into the waters which elicits a divine response as it did when the children of Israel crossed the Jordan river.

Here is my proposal to you- I will enroll 12 people for free for two weeks. You will two weeks of sessions, lessons, and content for free. This will allow me to develop the introductory material and it will you to evaluate the value of what is provided, I have 26 weeks worth of material. I will offer this to “Candidates” for $30/week, which makes it easier for your own cash flow and allows you to evaluate every week whether you are getting a good value. So, after two weeks, you will be asked to continue for one more week for $30. If you say yes, then this continues until the course is done.

I need at least 12 people to show interest in the two week trial before I begin. But these is not fluff either. What I mean is that even if you DON’T continue, the information you get in the first two weeks will be powerful and useful. In week one we evaluate your personal constitution and social diagram. In week two we show you how to identify what is called your “wyrd”, the inner story God has planted in your life, and how to start right away aligning your life to fulfill that.

I have taken people through these sessions before and never has anyone not been deeply affected in a positive way by the experience.

In week three we start straightway into the Biblical ideals for a Christian governance and lifestyle discipline and we introduce the fictional future history of this “nation” that follows these ideals- you’ll see how they can be used to transform your decision-making and your relationships in a cool and objective way without drama and confusing emotions.

When the course ends, you will be a powerful marriage builder, family builder, community builder, and nation builder for Christ and you will have the knowledge, skills, relationships, and resources you need to be an effective witness for Jesus to the nations. You will be part of a Christian nation, wherever you hold your residence and/or citizenship, and you will see the supernatural blessings of that starting to flow in your life. You will be connected with other Christians and the world around you as a change agent for the Kingdom of God, which is among us, and part of a coming new era in the Body of Christ.

It is a stretch, no doubt, for some, to be able to pay $30 a week for what will be 24 weeks. If I get enough “seats” filled from paid subscribers I intend on offering a third more seats as “scholarships” to people who cannot afford this, so if you can afford this you will be part of helping someone gain access to this who cannot afford it at all. Again, I don’t want to leave anyone behind. Finally. I will use the material I produce weekly as we go to make free content available or low cost content to help more people.

My goal is to have 5 total classes, or 60 people, going through the course at the same time. This not only justifies me turning down other opportunities but allows me to pay professional services to help make the product more professional and appealing. You are really investing not only in yourself, but in others who will benefit from me being able to focus on this.

If you cannot afford this, let me know and I will put you on the list. For instance, with 60 paid subscribers I can offer a free scholarship to 20 other people who cannot afford the subscription.

Use the form below to sign up. When I have 12 or more sign-ups I will set up the course setting and announce the schedule for the first two weeks. If you are anxious to get started, you might want to invite a friend each subscription is for your immediate household and 1 friend, but only one person can be certified as completing the course.)

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