Provisonal Government of Upadaria

Primary Roles Of The Royal Governments Of The Christian Commonwealth of Upadaria

The following governments will exist to serve the people and the non-territorial state of CCU. These government may represent stakeholders both within the pomerium of lands held by the CCU and its Peers or outside of those lands. The pomerium, or sacred border, of the CCU is not fixed like political borders, but it will be flexible, although at any given moment in time it is definite. What follows below is a description of the government as if they already existed, however, we are recruiting members of the Provisional Government now.

The governments include

The National Supreme Regency- the ultimate arbiter of the National Charter of Government, the Kha Yasa of Upadaria, and the Kerygma A’ Regita as well as holder of lands and the public-facing body of the CCU, which includes foreign affairs. This government also directly governs the global headquarters of the CCU, which will be an intentional refugee and missionary community called The Crown Principality of Upadaria.

The Supreme Magisterium of the Knights of Upadaria- very much under the guidance of the National Supreme Regency, the Magisterium handles matters of external safety and security and standards for security as well as developing character in members of the Knights of Upadaria

The Governate of the Principate of Upadaria- Governate of the Principate generally behaves as one might expect the American Federal government, albeit in a much more limited fashion, and includes civil matters, economic matters, and public works as well as civil defense and emergency response. The Governate oversees the Civitas and the Agorate and ensures that the national interest of the CCU is protected by all measures.

The Civitas (which falls under the Principate)- this is the civil government, which includes jurisdiction over criminal law, torts, civil services, municipal standards, weights and measures, environmental protection, natural resources, and admiralty law.

The Agorate (which falls under the Principate)- this government is like a chamber of commerce but which includes business gilds, consumer gilds, and worker’s gilds, however, it initiates commercial, trade, and labor policies and laws, focuses on economic development, ensures economic freedom, initiates foreign trade policy, sets economic and commercial standards, and promotes scientific advance.

The National Ethnium of Upadaria- this government it the primary enforcer of the Kha Yasa of Upadaria and oversees matters of family law and anything related to culture at the level of individuals, the family, and local communities for persons who are under the jurisdiction of the Kha Yasa, The Ethnium also protects the cultural sovereignty of non-Upadarian ethnic groups and religious or other communities and provides for compacts and agreements for mutuality between them. The Ethnium oversees the Eccelsium and the Comunis.

The Ecclesium (which falls under the Ethnium)- this government handles matters of Christian Universals, including doctrinal and ethical orthodoxy, preventing heresy, the discipline of religious leaders, discipleship services, setting and maintaining the liturgical ceremonies of the CCU, and protecting religious freedom for all. Persons who claim to be Christians and who agree with the Christian Universals are under its jurisdiction, however, it also oversees compacts between different religious bodies.

The Comunis (which falls under the Ethnium)- the Comunis provides mutual assurance and social services on the basis of cooperation, benevolence, and insurance, setting standards for social services providers and providing support or help in time of need to constituent entities. The Comunis ensures that social services reflect the cultural sensitivities of the various ethnic and religious communities through compacts, with the proviso that no persons should be hindered from following Christian universals or the Kha Yasa. The Comunis sets education standards and provides education services to communities and providers while operating a mutual assurance fund to ensure that no child does without education.

The symbol for the society I envision, a round table of equals based on shared convictions, not race or bloodlines...

HOW THE GOVERNMENTS WORK AS ONE- The lines between the governments are not fixed, in fact, some officials play multiple roles. Additionally, the High Council consists of key leaders of all the main governments and the Royal Household consists of secondary leaders of the various governments. In the Upadarian system of government, there are no “silos”, most people have to interact with, and consider, functionaries outside of their functional role. The lowest governments and the National Regency initiate most matters related to their respective duties, but there is a system whereby different governments may veto a government’s actions or whereby some matters must be ratified if the Regency determines a matter touches on multiple government functions.

Taken together, The National Supreme Regency, the Supreme Magisterium, and the Governate are considered to be The Imperial Government of the Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria for external purposes, although no formal “Imperial Government” exists outside of these constituent governments.

The Purpose of establishing a Virtual Government with offices and functions is to add discipline, coherence, and structure to our immediate and long-term goals. In the immediate term, our goal is to become as mutually self-reliant as we can, to help each other be and fulfill God's best for our lives, and to live as effective disciples and witnesses for Jesus to the nations of people around us. Our long-term goals include establishing fraternal communities in our region which host Christian refugees, provide resources for the mutual self-reliance and growth of members, serve the local Body of Christ, and act as missional living hubs to reach people in the region for Jesus. Globally, our goal is to establish a fraternal Christian refugee and missionary society with NGO status.


Use the form below to apply for a provisional role in our newly forming virtual government, and help us to become a nation of people whose God is the Lord, a nation that is a witness for Jesus to the nations, and a nation whose fraternal communities offer shelter to Christian refugees and act as regional missional living support hubs to reach our neighbors for Christ.

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