The Blue Book of Upadaria: A Secret History of the New Civilization is a book that uses a future fictional history written in 2147 A.D. that will open your eyes to new possibilities and opportunities for Christian empowerment through the power of fraternal community.

Truly you want more out of your life, you want to find and fulfill God's best for your life, and you want to feel more secure and free in a world of insecurity and bondage. Is this what you want, a truly empowered life of security, prosperity, and freedom in Christ to fulfill God's best for your life and to be a witness and influence for Jesus to the nations? Of course it is!

Written over a 35-year period, this book will challenge the 20th century paradigms of churchianity and politocracy and impart a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline based on four core ideals and a set of principles and practices that could change your life. Through imagination and creativity, the author takes you outside of your own limited experiences and shows you a possible future that you don't have to wait for: you begin to experience it in your life and relationships right now.

The reader has four choices after reading the book:

- You can absorb the ideals and principles and adapt them to your life, your current ministry or business, and your relationships right now, using this lifestyle and governance discipline as it fits your needs

- You can formally adopt the intentional Christian nationality by choosing to follow these ideals, principles, and practices as best you can, and you don't have to join any organization or group

- You can choose to join a web community that is based on this lifestyle and governance discipline called "The Fraternal Christian Community" which will connect people and share insights on Personal Empowerment Through Fraternal Christian Community

- You can choose to become part of a virtual "commonwealth", modeled on the future fictional history, that will help members form virtual to local "chapters" based on the vision for a fraternal Christian society that reaches the lost and helps Christian refugees

Of course, for some it may just be an interesting read that entertains.


For the author, the book is a journey of discovery that started with the fictional stories and that developed into first a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline, then the basis for a Christian nation of people, and, finally, a fraternal Christian Missionary and Refugee Society with members spread all over the world.

But there is more to this, and each reader will no doubt get out of it what they need to get: what God intends for them to get. There are ideas here about fraternal Christian community that go beyond merely attending church services. There are ideas about personal empowerment that transcend the politocracy (where all of life is politicized and where only a few people control politics). And there are ideas about the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history and how we are on the cusp of an emerging new Christian civilization.

If you look around and see a world that doesn't make sense, if you wonder how we got here and where we are going, and if you want a blueprint for action and organization to overcome our current crisis of morality as a civilization, this is a book that has answers. You won't find those answers in churchianity or politocracy: not that you should not attend church services or vote, it's just that your answers and solutions must go beyond merely these things.

Do you want a good read that stimulates your spirit and your mind?

Do you want insights to make your calling your career?

Do you want to know WHY our civilization is so morally bankrupt?

Do you want to gain new insights into fulfilling God's best for your life?

Do you want to know how to overcome the current crisis of morality?

Do you want fresh ideas for being a witness for Jesus?

Do you want to actually be part of a true Christian nation that transcends political borders and the Darwinian concept of "race"?

All of these are reasons why you must pre-order this book, to be among the first who read it.


The Blue Book of Upadaria could also be called "A Manual For Personal Empowerment Through Fraternal Christian Comnunity." The fiction stories will make it possible for you to absorb the vision, ideals, principles, and practices for such empowerment and the benefits can be felt very quickly, once you adopt these ideals and use them. Your life will not be the same if you truly absorb whatever it is God has for you in this book.

The pre-order offer here is for a special beta version of the book in print, signed by the author, along with a digital version in PDF, access to a special forum where you can interact with the author and fellow readers, and a one year membership in The Fraternal Christian Community, a web-based community. These books will be collector's editions and a maximum of 500 will be made available.

The total cost for the over 400 page book with all these extras is only $45. The value is much higher than the price, namely because it can change your life and show you new possibilities you never thought were possible before.

During the next 60 days the final touches are being made, but you will get your digital copy before it is released to the public. As and when improvements are made, or items are added, you will receive updated digital copies at no charge.

The total cost to you is a one-time payment of $45. Through this you will also be helping to find the creation of the virtual community and the promotion of this book, as well as other costs of preparation and production. During 2018, for instance, I want to give away an abridged PDF copy to at least 100,000 Christians from around the world. I believe that the broadcast of this message of true empowerment in Christ will open people's eyes and awaken latent potential which could have a powerful impact on millions of lives.

For $45 you help yourself by gaining access to such knowledge, and you potentially help thousands of other people at the same time.


  1. The digital pre-release PDF as soon as it is available (expected by November 15th, 2017)
  2. Access to the virtual fraternal Christian community (expected by November 30, 2017)
  3. Access to a forum where you can interact with the author (Expected by November 15, 2017)
  4. An author-signed copy of the beta version when it is printed (Expected by December 20, 2017, though shipment make take longer as it has to be printed and shipped to me, then signed, then shipped to you)
  5. Digital updates as the Blue Book of Upadaria is expanded (this will likely be monthly)
  6. Access to a weekly inspirational and empowerment newsletter via email (this will begin by November 4, 2017)
  7. Access for one year to a monthly PDF magazine called "The Christian Gazette" (launching in December of 2017)

Remember, I am only offering 500 people this opportunity. Once this is done, it is done. The final version of the book will be $27.95 for the print version and $12.95 for the Kindle version, without any other premiums. These books will not be signed and nor will they come with access to premium new content or a membership in an empowerment community. For instance, the monthly subscription to the empowerment community will be $15/month.

Empowerment and inspiration await you.

Use the Buy Now Button to pre-order The Blue Book of Upadaria: A Secret History of the New Civilization. Empowerment is truly within your reach!


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