Becoming A Pioneer In Our Learning Community

Our Christian learning community will be a place for learning, connecting, and collaborating with people who are determined to find a
nd fulfill God’s best for their lives with excellence while being a witness and salt and light influence for Jesus to the nations.

It will be styled after the concept of a “non-territorial state” called “The Christian Commonwealth of Upadaria” in its terminology and even its governance and organizational structure: this is both creating in an entertaining way and deeply educational.

To be a Pioneer means you are considering being one of the first “electors” of this learning community, which using a virtual simulation of our fictional history as a means of conveying deeper truths, such as the ideals and principles for a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline.

You begin the process of becoming a Pioneer through an application for citizenship. Once approved, your candidacy begins.

Our purpose for this process is to empower as many people as we can by imparting these ideals and principles, to develop the first leaders and design team for the virtual learning community, and to develop the structure of a future fraternal Christian society based on these ideals and principles and devoted to empowering Christians, missional living and missionary work, and helping Christian refugees.


Use the form to the right to apply for candidacy as a Pioneer and help us build a learning community that empowers you and your fellow Peers to find and fulfill God's best for your life with excellence!

Apply For Candidacy

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We welcome all Christians who adhere to any of the following Creeds- the Nicene Creed, the Apostle's Creed, our own own stated Creed. In general, this means we welcome all Christians from Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant traditions and regardless of church affiliation.

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