Today in the West, there are pitched battles over the past, over monuments, over the sins of ancestors, and over left-right ideological wars all orchestrated for the benefit of an elite few at the top. You may find yourself wishing to no longer be part of that, to not be part of a nation or civilization that is either shot through with a checkered past or divided by seditionary rhetoric based on racial hatred. You may want out of the left-right game, which sees no improvement in your life, regardless of who wins. In short, you are in need of what we are providing: a realistic pathway to adopt a way of life and national identity that is not rooted in the old civilization which is consumed with conflicts.

When a person chooses to adopt the Upadarian national identity, they make a conscious break from the past, they remove THEMSELVES from the old civilization and its past and they enter pure and clean unto a future unencumbered by the past. While members of the old civilization fight over monuments and old battles they still haven't resolved, we leave behind such things. We do not bring race, ethnicity, or anything of the past into Upadaria. In Upadaria people of African lineage have never been slaves and right from the start are only viewed as Peers, equal to everyone else. We see people as only people, not as anything else. In Upadaria "white" people do not exist as such, we are all Peers, our skin pigmentation and our bloodlines do not count for anything, good or bad.

The Upadarian Cross symbolizes our devotion to a truly color-blind society of equals based on the four core ideals of the new civilization- we do not merely tolerate other cultures and peoples, we embrace them in Christian love!

Our monuments and symbols do not have any roots in the past. They are new. Whole someone may claim a symbol is somehow similar, superficially, to something from the past, the truth is that there is no connections. We are the torch-bearers of a new Christian civilization living out the last days of a dying civilization, We are not here to fight the battles of that civilization, neither for its heritage not for its sins. We own none of them, we stand alone, distinct, new, and free.

We have no identity politics. Our only identities are Christian and Upadarian: our eternal and shared identity is Christians, our temporally shared intentional ethnicity is Upadarian. While we may each honor our ancestors in some way. within our national community, we are Christians first and foremost and then Upadarians by chosen nationality in this life. In other words. we are not white or black, we are one people, a new people, and nobody here is defined by their past, the past of their ancestors, or their skin color. You come to Upadaria and choose a new ethnicity, an ethnicity based not on blood but on a free-will covenant association before God. Everyone who comes to Upadaria, a virtual homeland of heart and hearth as we say, comes of their own volition, and comes as an equal in dignity and value before God and their Peers.

Our symbols reflect a commitment to a color-blind society of equals based on the four core ideals of the new Christian civilization. These ideals include Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. We oppose all forms of what we call "totalism", where political or state powers take total control and suppress all dissent, as well as the politocracy, which uses the left-right shell game to disguise a system whereby everything is politicized in society and where only an elite few actually control politics. While we favor a free market in general, we also insist that nobody be left behind and those who gain the most also give the most in light of the social cost of their profits.

Our nation is not a political state, our relationships and institutions are not imposed on the unwilling, therefore our approach to mutual self-reliance and mutual assurance, while it uses cooperation, consensus, and sustainability, does not violate the free market whereby buyers, sellers, and producers all compete on the basis of supply and demand. We do not have left and right ideologies which tend toward politocracy and totalism. We have our ideals, our virtues, our values, and our way of life.

We are not the past. We are the future. Everyone who comes to Upadaria leaves the old civilization and enters the new, they carry no baggage of guilt or shame from the old into the new. We do not belong on the left or the right, or the center. We exist outside the existing paradigm because it is only on the plane of political control over your life. Our agenda is not to be controlled by politics, or race, blood, or Party, but to be controlled by Love, to glorify God, and to seek to be and create the vanguard of a new and Christian civilization that will take root in the nations and peoples of this world, all over this world.

If you are a black person and feel you do not get treated fairly, come to Updaria, we welcome and love you as you are, we honor you and your ancestors, and we know God values you and gives you the same worth and dignity of everyone else.

If you are a white person put off by the arguments about priviege and what your ancestors may or may not have done, we welcome you, we see only you, without your past, we honor your ancestors, but we consider you to stand on your own merit as a human being.

Whoever you are, wherever you are from, if you love Jesus Christ, if you choose to live a Christian way of life, and if you embrace our ideals and vision as a new nation of people whose God is the Lord, you are welcome. You past is not important here. Here, you can even assume a new identity and a new name, you can start over, and nobody will judge you on any basis of anything other than what YOU do or say.

As to our politics, our number one goal is to gain recognition for our right to form fraternal communities on the same basis as fraternal societies are formed and to eventually be deemed a domestic nation, sort of life our own intentional tribe with our own protected way of life. We are FOR our way of life, which we choose to live out together, virtually and then locally, as the Lord prospers us, but we are not AGAINST other people and we do not desire to coerce anyone into our way of life or culture.

Join us. Step away from the baggage of Western Civilization, Help us build the vanguard for a new Christian civilization.


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