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Come home to a virtual community that nurtures, celebrates, and supports a Christian way of life!

      We are building a NEW Christian social network based on Christian ideals for community, governance, and relationships that empower you to go out and be a witness for Jesus to the nations. This Christian social network is called "Upadaria" from the initials UPDR which stand for the four core ideals of Christian society, namely a balanced and Biblical application of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. Pronounced "yoo-pah-daria", Upadaria will be a PEOPLE POWERED Christian social network with a very interesting twist- it will be based on the concept of a Christian nation, albeit a virtual Christian nation, which is a missionary nation and a refugee nation that is also a witness for Jesus to the nations.

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       Through Upadaria (yoo-pah-daria) we will create virtual friendship and fellowship rooted in the principles of being part of a global Christian family, but members will be encouraged, and empowered, to seek cooperation and collaboration with members who live nearby- this is a "virtual to local" approach that will allow us to both connect globally and locally for mutual support in living for Christ and being a witness for Jesus to the nations. 

       While Upadaria is open to anyone in the world, one of the key focuses of our community is to unite American Christians around the idea of being a witness to the American nation in every sphere, including the spiritual, the magisterial (politics), the commercial, the cultural, the social, and etc. The basic idea is that AMERICA has a Divine mandate to be the cradle of a new Christian civilization, should the Lord tarry, by applying the four core ideals as her spiritual constitution to secure justice and liberty for all, and by being a refuge for Christians as well as a launching point for global missions- we have not given up on America fulfulling her calling!

upadaria community logo        Right now we are just beginning to build this Christian social network called Upadaria, and if you join now, for $45 for two years if you are an Early Bird Supporter or $5 per month, you are helping to make this happen and, as the founder and designer, I will do my level best to give your the good content and features you deserve, and more.

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        This will be a great place to have private conversations that are not searched by Google or anybody else. It will be a great place to broadcast your own message, using our public forums and groups, and your own profile page. You will even be able to launch your own blog, eventually, as yourname.upadaria.org, to reach the world at large. We will encourage idea sharing and create a knowledge bank on ways to live more independently from the world while still remaining an active witness and influence for Jesus. The more people who subscribe, the more we will be able to. relaxed young beautiful woman in front of luxury modern home villa on balcony on sunny day

        Upadaria will not be isolated, it will be a refuge for a time of re-energizing yourself, letting your hair down among "family", and knowing that HERE AT LEAST your beliefs and values are affirmed and celebrated. This will allow you then to go back out, into the secular social networks and in your own community, and be a witness for Jesus, knowing that, through this Christian social network, you have support and you can get help.  

        WHY should you sign up now when there is SO LITTLE to see and do in these early days? Really, there may be no earthly reason, but what I do believe is that people who come here and who feel led by God to support the creation of a vibrant Christian social network, with a mission to empower Christians to reach the nations, will understand that their subscription today will make this vision become a reality in the coming weeks and months.

Subscribe NOW to gain access to this community and support our mission to create a Christian social network that EMPOWERS Christians to GO OUT and be witnesses for Jesus to the nations.

You have two options- the early bird ANNUAL membership or the standard monthly basic membership. 


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The cost for a basic account is only $5 per month but you receive 10 days free to TEST tings out and decide if this is right for you.

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CLICK HERE TO get a FREE account and check out our social network create a profile today and you could get a free premium membership for a year!

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