Thank you for choosing to register and join us here in the Christian social network called "Upadaria" (yoo-pah-daria).

Here are some of the things that we want to eventually make available in this virtual place we call "Upadaria" (yo-pah-daria)-

1. We want to provide standard things like sharing a status, following/friending other people, sharing pictures, videos, and the like. Share your day, your thoughts, your business, your ministry or whatever and decide who you want to see what.

2. Start your own club within the main groups we establish to connect with like-minded people for mutual support and collaboration.

3. Participate in forum discussions about a wide range of issues in a friendly, civil, and safe environment.

4. Post classified ads for fellow users or the public to see to buy and sell or trade online in a friendly and safe environment.

5. Access courses and training to help you with such things as being more self-reliant, imrpoving your relationships, reaching the lost, growing your ministry, and more! (We will work to find "Join Venture Partners" who want to provide a course/training here.)

6. Join a virtual "Round Table Group" which, in spirit, try to model and duplicate the concept of a multi-family extended "household of faith" that looks out for its members like kin.

7. Starting your own "Upadaria Club" with people in your area for mutual support and to be a collective witness for Jesus to others (you can also form your own independent group and host it here for communications and online collaboration purposes).

8. Launch your own WordPress site with your own content for yourself, your business, or your ministry that broadcasts your message to the world.

9. Morning and evening News Broadcasts via email to keep you abreast of news from our official "Newspaper", The Upadarian Voice, with readers being invited to actively participate in as regional news editors, citizen correspondents, and news curators.

10. Participate in weekly Virtual Gatherings for a Spirit-filled liturgical style communion followed by free-flowing "Bible Discovery" together with others, or create your own Gathering to reflect your style of worship to connect with other Christians. (This will also be a great tool for ministries to connect with their members who are unable to attend "services" and/or to reach potential new members.)

11. Trade TIME for goods and services using a Time Exchange based on "Upos", with one Upo equalling 1/10th of one hour of average labor (valued at $1.43). (This will only be available to members who join our Christian Missionary and Refugee Society, however others can set up their own exchanges based on the same system.)

12. Explore and participate in Upadaria as a "nation" set in the future and learn the underlying principles, practices, and disciplines contained in a "future fictive history"- in this "nation" you can earn "ranks of nobility" through merit by memoring the story and its meaning and applying the deeper Christian truths to your life. It's a fun and creative way to grow as a Christian!

Of course, you are totally free to choose what you will be involved with and how deeply. By registering with this site you are accessing a platform, you are not joining an organization- although you will be able to join organizations which use this platform.

You can also volunteer to help us build this, or to become a Community Guide to not merely moderate the community but assist and activate members using our community governance and mobilization standards. As the community grows and requires paid staff, it will be from volunteers that we choose staff members.

These are just some of the things we have planned. It all starts with creating your profile page. As a member you'll get updates as new forums, groups, and features are added. As our numbers of members and traffic grow, expect more options and opportunities.

Thank you for being part of our community!

Bill Collier
Community Regent

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