William R Collier Jr- All signs point to a future in which your ability to be strongly connected with highly ethical and courageous people will be vital to your happiness, success, and maybe even your survival. Among Christians who understand the direct connection between righteousness and blessings, it should be clear that an unrighteous society is heading away from blessings and into disaster.

In 1982 I started writing a fictional future history which is actually looking a lot more like our world today than when I first described it in 1982. Over time, my maturity and knowledge has grown, and so has my understanding of Biblical laws of cause and effect (causality) and of historical processes and cycles. It now makes sense why the type of things I "imagined" in a fictional future history have already begun to unfold and must shortly unfold.

But what I also saw, and barely see visible here and there, now, is how the righteous would respond to this downfall of an entire civilization to either save their countries from ruin or at least weather the storm.  It does sort of come down to this bit about being surrounded in a circle of trusting relationships based on a high ethical standard with people who are of good character. 

In practical terms, I uncovered something in 1982 that I was able to truly discern decades later: we, as a society and as the Body of Christ, have disarmed ourselves spiritually and in sociocultural terms by disbanding some vital human institutions. We have removed ourselves from the orbit of strong families rooted in fatherhood and motherhood,  from extended families with shared faith and nationality who acted as an extended household, from a sort of tribal comnunity of shared nationality connected to the larger natural and Christian communities,  from larger scale national communities with shared convictions which had a shared mutuality that made them self-reliant, and from a larger unity with all the Christians in their vicinity.  

These things are natural and normal in an advanced and successful civilization. The only reason they do not exist now in our society is through artificial manipulation rendered by rules and policies from our corporate controlled welfare states. All of these institutions gave life and provision without coercion and control. But now we see the state, controlled by corporate interests,  has a design based on a lust for power to remove us from connections that make is untouchable and put us beyond their control.

In the ancient world we had four primary institutions that free people belonged to and that generally made them out of the reach of external and artificial controls.  These were the institutions of the ecclesia, of ethne,  of oiokos, and koionia. 

The ecclesia was a spiritual city-state of sorts that unified all Christians but that could also be represented as a local ethnic community that cared for its own or an actual city-state's governing body.

The ethne is a larger community of people with the same sociocultural convictions and identity, or a nation of people.  

The oikos was a collection of multiple families made up of fathers and mothers in matrimony raising their own children,  as well as single adults,  which acted as a larger household in how it cared for its own members, and which was based usually on a shared ethnicity or national identity in terms of its convictions. 

Koionia is usually translated as fellowship, but we might better call it a freewill covenant association and see it in a broader sense as a collection of oikos, or household groups,  which have both a shared faith and ethnicity in a national sense or a shared belief system in the sense of the whole Christian community. Koionia can also be a covenant relationship or bond of fellowship between two people.  So it has both an individual and larger scale meaning.

These types of institutions,  which I have described broadly and somewhat technically, are the best and only alternative to being controlled by larger scale corporate and political institutions that seek to control you for their own benefit. If you consider institutions which might fall under the description of ecclesia,  ethne, oikos, and koionia you might see that they are beneficial to and supportive of the individual.  They tend to provide for you in a way that empowers you and gives you a chance to fulfill your potential. But the corporate controlled state makes you either a tax farm or a dependent,  buying your vote with benefits, and all in a way that empowers you and gives all the advantage to an elite few.

What I saw in the future was people deliberately re-creating these types of institutions among themselves. It wasn't easy at first, because they had to change so much of their daily habits and activities, and even where they lived at times.  I specifically saw what amounted to an intentional nationality, with a fraternal society as its catalyst, organized around extended household groups like a modern oikos within larger distributed communities based on koionia and as part of their own larger spiritual city-states which are within both the Christian ecclesia and the natural community. 

How can that help you now? 

I don't expect you or anyone is going to go from a life of "splendid isolation" as an individual or just your nuclear family to a formal sociocultural ecclesia and nation of people organized around extended household groups. In terms of both your own acculturation and basic logistics, this would be hard. Even if, say, a thousand families in a region deliberately unified around these ideas, there would still be a process of personal cultural decolonization and resource gathering as well as relationship building that could take years to fulfill. 

The best tool we have is the web. Let me explain.

Years ago I was part of political simulations. You are a Sentor or Representative and you simulate the whole government. You pass bills and debate, do studies, and everything else they do in real life. People who participate try out ideas, learn about the political process, and see in a simulated environment principles they can use in real life. I am not ashamed to say I learned a lot that I have applied successfully in my own political activity.

In 2008-9 I was the chief governance officer for a large political activist site with over 60,000 members and which had over a million pageviews a month. We organized people using a virtual to local model, and many went on to organize other entities and activities, or run for office. I used my learned skill from the political sims to devise a community governance and activist mobilization model that worked well. Many of our members became the first and foremost Tea Party organizers in the country. 

As to this lifestyle I foresee coming,  I have been in boarding schools, Scotland School near Scotland PA and Milton Hershey School in Hershey PA, which allowed me to see, in a small way, what an extended household might be like.  I also learned through this how intentional familial bonds work and how powerful they are. 

My experience in the US Navy only strengthened this understanding,  especially when I was stationed in Iceland.  Here, our church group acted like an extended household,  we were connected in real ways to the larger Christian commmunity, and we were connected to local Icelandic churches, which we visited frequently. I was involved in helping Icleandic youth at one point. 

So when I coupled my original vision with learning Biblical and historical laws of causality and with my own experiences, it wasn't hard for me to see how this was necessary and achievable but not easy.  It would have to begin, I surmised,  with people "simulating" the fictional future history in order to understand and practice the key concepts in a virtual format.  Then, through the same virtual to local approach I used before, translate that to informal local groups which develop later into more formal modern versions of oikos, then koionia, and ecclesia within the framework of an ethne they shared but also in a connected way with the whole natural community and the whole Body of Christ. 

But you can use these concepts even in your own immediate family and personal relationships. When you take the true meaning of these concepts and start to form bonds based on a shared set of convictions and mutuality toward one another, you begin to come out from under external and artificial controls.  When you KNOW there are, say, 20 other families near you who totally have your back,  and whose back you have, believe me, it totally changes everything.

In the future, people who do not have these kinds of bonds in some form of freewill covenant association based on shared faith and moral convictions,  and a shared culture, will have a hard to impossible time coping with things.  When, not if, the artificial support structures of the corporate welfare state fail, people will be scrambling to find alternative ways to meet their basic needs. 

This may not come, in its extreme, while we are alive. This is where I feel we should be moving in this direction now and laying a foundation while creating a support structure for the future; so that our progeny already have access to these kinds of alternative institutions and the knowledge and support needed to reproduce them quickly. 

As I said,  it could take a process of years even if you had a thousand families intending to do these things where they are starting from scratch.

What I believe I have discovered is the basic blueprint anyone can use to get a big head start. It has a structure and standards you can simply appropriate and then modify later. It has a process for quickly screening and acclimating new members. It shows you how start with just yourself and expand as you find more people around you to participate.

But I also feel the need to create a "simulation" and a virtual to local mobilization community so that people all over the world can support one another. A lone individual could simply ask a friend or family member to join the virtual community, and other people who may live thousands of miles away can help their friend or family member learn quickly. This is a lot easier than trying to do this in your own. You simply invite your friend or relative to check out the online community, they learn about these concepts,  and now you have an ally. That's the basic idea.

You can see the future, it it is a future of danger for this present society. You don't need to believe my fictional future history has any prophetic insight to see that bad choices and actions produce bad fruits! If you realize the current structure is not going to help you, and is probably hurting you, then you can see that alternative structures are the only answer. So why not fall back on the proven structures of the ancients, albeit in a modern form? Why not start to think and act differently and start creating relationships with other people that look more like these structures?

The Blue Book of Upadaria is going to introduce people to all of this: to the future we already see unfolding and to possibilities for a better life for your and your progeny, regardless of what that future brings. It starts with a fictional future history that then informs its governance and lifestyle discipline which ultimately becomes a concrete path for real liberation. You can informally use these ideas and adopt this new nationality on your own, you can simply use these ideas and principles and make them your own, or you can even consider formally joining an effort to actualize these things,  starting with a virtual community and eventruslly a fraternal Christian Missionary and Refugee Society. No matter which of these paths you take, it will be an improvement over just flowing downstream with everyone else toward the falls!  

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