I Need Your Help

Guys, I am really at a point where I cannot make ends meet myself and I am reaching out to you for your help.

What is the situation?

My contract work has been really slow. Over 40% of my business coming from commercial clients dried up and efforts to replace it have not been fruitful. Believe me, I have tried.

As for my wife, since her TIA in 2015, she has been unable to work. We are appealing her social security disability application, but really, we cannot be sure if that will pan out. Without her, I have been struggling to do this on my own, it was not our plan to have me start a new venture without her working to ensure we had a minimal income.

The cost for maintaining my business is over $3000 per month. My ability to manage and run large numbers of website and to monitor many factors depends on servers, content, and very expensive software. I have paired that back as much as I can, it is down to $1500/month. Unfortunately, health issues, an accident, and other costs have more than eaten up those savings these past two months, while my overall income remains below 60% of what is needed.

I have tapped into savings, reserves, and even credit.

What I currently face is a total loss. At this point, I have to consider that I may not have money for basic necessities and could literally become homeless.

This is as serious as it gets.

Yes, I have even applied for jobs, so far no luck.

So I am throwing ideas out there.

One idea is to just ask for people to support me. If you support what I do, what I am about, and what I write and speak about and want to see me around still, support me.

To donate, you need to decide one of the amounts below or choose your own amount. Here is what I offer in consideration of your help in my hour of need:

$400 and I'll build you a 1-10 page WordPress site with a template and host it for $10/month, or advertise for your product or service: you can use this for yourself or gift it someone you know who needs a website or promotions

$125 is an annual sponsorship of my work, you'll get special access to content only for you every week

$45 is for either the book I wrote, you get an autographed copy, or for a quarterly sponsorship of my work

$19/month is a monthly sponsorship to all my work

$5/month gets you access to one of my properties

You can put in any amount, even $1!

This is not tax deductible.

MY NEED- My need is to find a way to get $12,000 asap. Part of this is owed to refresh my credit lines, part of it is for expenses needed to actually make changes that reduce my overhead while giving me more capacity, part of it is for taxes, part for car expenses I have coming up, and part is to keep my afloat for 60 days.

Now is the time for me to see what kind of support I really have.

I really don't know if people will respond. I depend on God, and I am merely trying to ring all the bells and knock on all the doors, before things really turn off on me. At this point, because this was actually sudden and unexpected, I do not have a backup plan. What will happen is I will lose my ability to actually serve clients, meaning I will lose all income. In fact, some have paid for services which my network provides, but which I will be unable to deliver, so I will actually owe them money.


PS I did not opt for a GoFundMe account for the following reasons:
1. they take up to 20% of the money given
2. Other than you who know me, nobody is going to find this and be moved by it
3. As a conservative content producer, I cannot be sure they wouldn't pull my account

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