William R Collier Jr- Some Christians seem to think posting a social media comment, or liking and sharing some expression of outrage about injustice, is all there is to being the salt of the earth. But the question is rarely about what you say and all about what you DO. What you DO about injustice matters.

Years ago I was doing some volunteer work helping a fraternal society with their newsletter. While meeting there, one person started on a rant about black people. As a Christian who has lived in the inner city, I was outraged. So I took action. I declared that I was offended, I told him my mother was a black woman (she is not, but stick with me here), and wondered aloud why I should be helping these people.

I was given profuse apologies and for the rest of the day that man was humbled. Only at the end of the day did I reveal that, no, my mother wasn't black, but I wanted to make it real to him how bad it is to hate on people.

My philosophy has always been: be the people that are being hated. Stand up for them as if you were them. Take it personal. Take action as if it was you being hated on. It is not uncommon when I see hate poured on a group to literally say, "then consider me them, now say it to my face!"

We get outraged a lot. God knows full well that every day there are ample reasons anyone who loves justice and seeks His righteousness should feel outraged.

There are three primary things we do about something outrageous: We confront it, we take any action we can to either shut it down or punish it if it is in our authority, and we seek to remove ourselves and those we love from its reach.

Posting a meme, sharing a link, making a comment, and the such are not DOING anything. They can be used to raise further awareness, but they are not concrete actions.

God is not impressed with you SAYING something unjust or evil outrages you. God has always been a God is action, as it says, faith without works is dead.

Part of what drives my vision for creating a different kind of Christian nation, organized as a globally distributed fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society, is this recognition that merely being outraged at injustice and evil is never enough. Through the agency of such a "nation", even if it is virtual, we can confront injustices and evil on a large scale and with a strong voice, we can gain power and influence with which to take action to stop evildoers, and we can create the sort of mutual self-reliance and mutual assurance we all need to shelter ourselves and others from the control and influence of evildoers.

Positive action, not posting your outrage, is what God is calling for.

Are you outraged at abortion? If we build our virtual nation we can confront this evil on a large scale with a loud voice of millions of fellow peers. We can use our power and influence to provide market and legal consequences to abortionists. We can create resources to help mothers and parents choose life with health care and other assistance.

When Christians are persecuted,for instance, such a large and globally distributed virtual Christian nation can raise the alarm, can use its influence to sanction the persecutors, and can provide shelter to those fleeing such persecutions (through local fraternal communities connected via our virtual Commonwealth).

If you are tired of just being outraged and want to act, join us here, help me to create a virtual Christian Commonwealth organised as a globally distributed fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society.

We have to stop being meme posters and we have to start being people of action who confront injustice, use our power and influence to provide consequences to evildoers, and help shelter the innocent from the harm those evildoers cause. It requires work and commitment to make this happen.

Right now, the Christian Commonwealth of Upadaria is just a vision. What I see is a virtual commonwealth for Christians that links local fraternal communities all over the world that help their peers become mutually self-reliant, that serve the greater local "ecclesia" and promote Christian community, that are a missionary hub to their locale, and that can provide shelter and aid to refugees and Christians or others in crisis. But it all begins right here, with a few people, and then more people, embracing this vision as a shared calling both to take action to resist injustice and extend the influence of the Kingdom of God among men and women in the here and now.

God is not impressed by your moral outrage if it is not followed by action, and through this project you can not only begin to take action, your action can be leveraged and made exponentially powerful through the agency of a nation of people whose God is the Lord.

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