My name is William R. Collier Jr., or Bill for short. I also go by the family name of William Jacob Weidenhof IV. I am blessed with two names, both with great meaning to my life.

I was born in 1968, a tumultuous year in America, to William R Collier Sr. and to Elsie (Kymm) Myers (then Collier, before my mother and father divorced.

My life has been a big adventure. And yet it has not been a surprise.

What I mean by that is that my life's course was laid before I was even born. It was prophesied by my great grandfather on my father's side that the fourth William would make a big mark in politics, and I have been in the center of recent political history these past few decades, over and over. It is nothing for me to boast about: because God has given me all these things, how can I claim them as my own?

I am a US Navy Veteran and I greatly love my country. I have been blessed by America and I hope to be a blessing in return. My job was related to submarine hunting, and that's all I can disclose.

Some of the things I've accomplished I usually did with other people, so don't think I deserve all the credit:

I went to Scotland School (a boarding school run the the State of Pennsylvania)
I went to Milton Hershey School
Was once nearly killed because some neonazis didn't like me dating a black girl- only time I was ever jumped in the inner city
Was asked to not return to an inner city school (Harrisburg PA) because I was a "bad influence"
Sang in the Blue Jackets Choir
Hunted Russian Subs
Flew above the Artic Circle dropping stuff on Soviet SSBN's
I was an amateur spy: pretending to be a journalist, interviewing Warsaw Pact and Soviet officials
Did a stint in the Ground Defense Force in Iceland as "naval infantry", also served on the Sabateur Alert Team
Started a church and acted as Pastor
My marriage was totally arranged: neither myself nor my wife Dora proposed to one another! (That was 1991, we're stil married and in love)
Did a stint in the Army National Guard (New Mexico)
Sold used cars
Ran a ceramic shop and acted as salesman for Native American artisans, selling their wares across the Southwest, got better prices for them then they would have gotten
Started a newspaper in Grants, New Mexico
Participated in a sting operation to bust an identity thief who was buying a used car under a fake name
Was PR Director at an Indian Casino for the Acoma Pueblo
Lobbied successfully for Indian Sovereignty, conducted the first ever Indian Sovereignty Summit, focused on reparations to Indian Tribes and ending BIA/BLM jurisdiction over their lands
I've been to most US States, travelled cross country back and forth 3 times, and I have been to more parts of California than my own home state, Pennsylvania
Was a youth pastor and worked in a daycare
Did marketing research- oversaw massive phone surveys and participated in focus groups
Sold life insurance and fire insurance, mostly in inner city environments
Used to sell wares at flea market, got goods by winning auctions at storage units (like in Storage Wars on TV)
I have two awesome sons- two years apart but same birthday!
I've been involved in some way with politics and political campaigns since 1980
Was involved with the founding of two precursors to the Tea Party: Dontgo and TCOT
Cofounder of
Was the Community Governance Advisor, and managed, Team Sarah
Played a major role, via Freedomist and Team Sarah, in launching the Tea Party movement
Was on MSNBC twice and covered by major newspapers at least 4 times since 2008
Have been directly or indirectly involved in dozens of political campaigns and activist efforts since 2008 alone, usually in a background role to control the online narrative or mobilize activists and voters
I now do SEO, web design (mostly WordPress), social media, digital marketing, and still co-own a local (now digital) newspaper

My background and experience is seemingly ecclectic, but my specialty is twofold: community governance and reaching people. I did not list everything. I have a heart for the lost and to help Christian and other refugees. In that capacity I've conducting evangelism and evangelism training, mostly with my wife: in fact we spoke inside the PA state capital on being a witness in the political arena. I have always sought to live my dreams and visions, not just to "earn a living", and over the years I've helped quite a few people to start doing that, beginning with an understanding of the UPDR ideals and how they apply to our choices and make for healthy relationships.

I am creating this "virtual refuge" to empower YOU as a Christian to find freedom and indepdenence through the power of unleashing true Christian community.

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