The GOP has shown zero interest in the the concerns of their own voting blocs.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8:44

The most famous and consequential use of lies for a political purpose, which had deep spiritual consequences, was the use of false witnesses against Jesus Christ, who paid with His life for crimes He did not commit. No human on this earth, even if falsely accused, can compare their situation to Jesus, Worse would be those who try to compare themselves to Jesus as a way to deflect legitimate allegations against them.

We can use the current controversy regarding Judge Roy Moore and the allegation against him to make this discussion more relevant to you right now. Currently, I am not aware that Judge Roy Moore is comparing his situation to Jesus. And I am not drawing a direct correlation, especially since I cannot say whether the accusations are factual, grounded in truth but exaggerated, or patently false. But what i can say is that it is a tactic of hell, since the beginning of time, and as exemplified in the Crucifixion of Jesus, to level patently false accusations of the worse kind to advance their evil cause.

It is said that the devil is the father of lies, and also the accuser of the brethren. Often, the accusations are lies. and the accusers no more honest than the myriad of accusers against Jesus.

As we consider the case with Judge Roy Moore we can consider that false accusations or even accusations based on a dramatic over-exaggeration of actual events are in fact possible. Yes, it is possible to get 30 or more people to agree to either lie or exaggerate to advance a political agenda and destroy a candidate for public office. This is especially true when the source of the reports, the Washington Post, has about as much credibility for honest and integrity as the leaders of Israel did in Jesus's day AND when the identity of the "witnesses" is not revealed nor when anyone, accusers included, is subjected to cross-examination or any burden of proof.

Again, we need to be clear, none of this means the accusations are false. Even if someone accuses you of doing wrong for purely parochial reasons, though they covered or excused the wrongs of others for the same parochial reasons, what really matters, always, is whether or not the accusations are true. If you argue, "but what about so and so", this is not a defense against allegations. You might argue that an organ like the Washington Post is setting itself up as a watchdog but, in reality, uses false balances in their judgment, thus perverting judgment by favoring some wrongdoers they should report on while being too quick to judge others on scant evidence, but you still cannot base your defense on this. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and truth is truth, regardless of the motives of the people who exposed that truth.

The old tactic of using false accusations to win politically cannot be discounted. Nor can we discount that the Washington Post is actively involved in a conspiracy to use this tactic. If you do not think an organ such as the Washington Post, which long ago lost all credibility as an actual source of news, is capable of conspiring in such a manner, then perhaps you are naive or, perhaps, you are blinded by your own agreement with their partisan political goals, which are to elect Democrats and destroy Republicans (this is the actual mission of the Washington Post.)

False accusations are, however, common. Usually, in an environment of politically owned media operations which favor Democrats, it is Republicans and conservatives who face these accusations the most scrutiny. The balance of the scales in the media, which claim to be an objective watchdog, is always weighed against one side and for another. These are false balances, and when the media claim to be objective they are actually guilty of massive fraud.

What is fraud? It is "a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities." So when the press claim to have the qualities of being "journalists" who abide by a set of journalistic standards, and are in fact merely partisan political activists operating under the cover of journalism to advance one political party and to undermine the other, that is fraud, More than that, they often rely on the old standby of using the lie of false accusations. This can be done by making this up totally, as we are seeing with the "Dossier" against President Trump, or by taking something that DID happen and presenting it in a false light.

For example, Judge Roy Moore is accused of trying to rape a 16-year-old girl and the "proof" is an alleged signed yearbook. Assuming this is true, it is hardly "evidence" that an attempted rape took place. What is more, as frustrating as it may be for women who really have been assaulted and who only work up the courage to come out with that years later, it is impossible to prove. Were this a Democrat the press would be treating this as a non-story and would be circling the wagons. In fact, when Bill Clinton was accused they did precisely this, and the accusations involved much more proof. Moreover, they were not 30 and 40 year old allegations which nobody had ever heard before.

Now, again, this is not about whether Judge Roy Moore did or didn't do this. If he did these things then Bill Clinton's alleged conduct, which involved him making a settlement payment to an accuser, simply doesn't matter. What matters here is that the media are committing ongoing fraud when they claim all they care about is the truth and being a watchdog: it is clear their aim is the manipulation of true or false information to elect Democrats and defeat Republicans, In the case of Roy Moore, the objective of the media is to secure a Senate seat for the Democrats who would otherwise never have a shot at winning such a seat. They could care less about the veracity of the claims, and if those claims were true and this was a Democrat, the Washington Post would not be spending thousands of dollars in resources and manpower to "uncover" it.

As for the voters in the state of Alabama, this is not an easy situation. Certainly, they don't want to elect a man who is guilty of such things. On the other hand, they are not supportive of the agenda of the Democratic Party, which the Democrat in the race would advance. They don;t want to upend the Trump agenda they DID vote for, they don't want open borders, they don't want to keep Obamacare, and they are sick of the system the Democrat in the race represents.

One would expect the Republicans would urge people to vote Republican in the election and promise to sort this out one way or another, to block a Democrat win. But that is not what McConnel and company are doing. They seem to be pushing to have the Dem ocrat win. Why would they do that/

it is theorized that the GOP leaders really don't want to anything they campaigned on. They govern for their own parochial interests, which are actually more in line with the Democrats than with their own voting blocs. As long as they don't have the votes, or as long as they are close, they can claim they tried, and keep campaigning on the same promises, even as, behind the scenes. they wink wink and nod nod to the Democrats that things will remains business as usual. In short, for the GOP leaders, the theory runs, a Democrat winning is actually quite beneficial. It ensure gridlock and excuses them from pursuing the things they promised to their voting blocs.

The reason, therefore, that these allegations are suspect is because of all this background. And extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. It is claimed that despite decades of massive and uncharitable public scrutiny, Roy Moore was a "well known" predator of teenage girls. That is an extraordinary claim, and the proof is certainly lacking that quality. In short, the claim is extraordinary but the proof is not anything near extraordinary. So voters may be forgiven for dismissing it.

But they are not being forgiven. The frauds who hide behind the banner of journalism now seem to posit the theory that a Roy Moore win means conservatives defend and embrace pedophiles and that this spells the doom of the Republican Party and the end of the conservative movement. This has no basis in logic- if people don't believe the accusations, of course they are not going to change their vote. And if they don't change their vote, he wins, and is later proven to be as bad as he is accused of being, this does not mean that suddenly conservatives will stop believing the things they do.

So, back to false accusations, we now have the possibility that Judge Roy Moore is being falsely accused compounded by the patently false accusation that people who don;t believe these extraordinary claims are as morally culpable as the Judge allegedly is. Over and over, the frauds in the press and the partisans, as well as the GOP leaders, are accusers common people of embracing and defending rape, pedophilia, and assault. In reality, they are defending the man they support against what they see as false accusations. This is, in and of itself, a good reason to question the veracity of the charges. If people are making multiple accusations, as the GOP leaders, the Democrats, and the frauds in the press are, that we can easily see is false, then we have every reason to question any other accusations they are making.

This is how the devil and his children work. They bring false accusations and they lie. This is one of the ways we can see when the devil is someone's father, as Jesus so bluntly stated it. Saying that people who deny the veracity of these accusations are defending sexual assault or pedophilia is a false accusation, and everyone who makes that accusation is in fact following the father of lies. We cannot say the accusations against Roy Moore are true or false, it depends on who you believe, but there is no doubt that accusing people of defending sexual assault who do not BELIEVE these charges is in fact a totally false accusation meant to smear MILLIONS of people.

Now, if someone argues that "even if Roy Moore did this, so what, look at Bill Clinton", then it is fair to say they are in fact defending sexual assault of teenage girls. Call that what you will: whatever Clinton did is no excuse for anyone else.

So let's just say we don't know if Judge Roy Moore is being falsely accused. Some think he is guilty and some don't. The fact we cannot trust the credibility of the Washington Post may be muddying the waters here. But what we can say is that the devil and his children, Jesus's words not mine, use lies and accuse the brethren to advance their agenda. In fact, one might argue, no agenda justifies the use of this tactic and anyone who uses this tactic casts serious doubts on the legitimacy of their agenda.

The devil does this because the consequences of following him and his ways are eternal damnation. Others may use these devilish tactics because their own agenda is either suspect or not popular. We know the agenda of the Democratic Party is not well received in Alabama, we know that if the Democrat wins by default, because the other team essentially had to forfeit over these accusations (true or not), that this will not give the voters someone in office who will work for the things they care about. The Democrat will push a lot of things the voters are very much against and they will be robbed of their right to "no taxation without representation." And while the entire GOP establishment works to ensure Moore loses, regardless of the consequences, none of them have even taken a moment of concern for the fact their own voting bloc does not want the agenda this Democrat will push.

So, in short, the tactic of the devil is to use lies and accusations to win by default, while avoiding a serious discussion or examination of his real agenda and of the consequences of following that agenda. It's that simple. Regardless of the accusation against Roy Moore, the entire cabal of media, GOP establishment, and the Democrats are all working as one to ensure that someone who does NOT represent the people of Alabama wins the election. They are definitely making false accusations of Roy Moore's supporters and of the Republican voting blocs who are voting based on their own desire to not have a Democrat win and pursue an agenda they passionately disagree with.

This is the nature of the devil: to use lies and accusations to win by default and avoid scrutiny. And this is what the frauds in the press, the GOP, and the Democrats are doing, all to conceal their true collusion in an agenda most people strongly oppose, and many more would oppose if that agenda was really subjected to examination and debate.



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