The problem we face is morality and mental weakness on the part of the majority who are corrupted mostly by a progressive radical minority who have taken control over the West’s institutions. We can look at this problem as a nation-state would, which would require a forceful removal of the corruptors, or as a nation as a people would, which merely requires the creation of alternative institutions and leaves everyone else to their own choices.

Let us consider what would be necessary in the event alternative institutions based on free association were suppressed and the culture of the state were to be imposed on us all, including social conservatives. In the event no recourse to private and free associations is permitted, it seems that a righteous and militant minority who will severely punish the evildoers who are corrupting the majority is the only reasonable response that could save this country from ruin. I will argue that there is a better way and neither violence nor coercion are needed or justified.

The damage is done, previous generations allowed this the insertion of agents of un-American and anti-Christian powers and interests to literally take over our institutions.

Without recourse to ways to opt out of the current system, the only response worth trying, some will inevitably argue, is for the righteous minority to arm and take direct action, aimed at the internet gateway keepers, at Hollywood, at Academia, at the courts, at the Boardrooms, at the bureaucracy, and at our politicians.

Frustrated people will say that enemies and traitors have to be identified and duly sought out for punishment. At the very least, it would be said, they would have to be removed from positions of public influence according to the standard, ‘those who would censure the liberty of others, by official or private means, must themselves be censured.’ This is all assuming we view nations as states, this is not the path we will take through our nation-building effort, so stay with me.

The Upadarian Cross

Throughout history, great victories for the cause of righteousness and justice have never occurred at the behest of a majority vote. In fact, it cannot be shown that the majority, once corrupted and so empowered, have ever done much better than to offer their necks to the most corrupt influences on the basis and in the name of their most base cravings. So while we we eschew violence or coercion, we will not base our spiritual revolution on winning votes and elections.

A society that lacks a righteous core who have the intelligence and courage to free itself from the control and influence of the corruptors is on the road to ruin. The lack of such a righteous core is evidence of a society’s decline. And when the righteous have no recourse to private and free associations, when the institutions seek to impose their participation and agreement, then this intolerance of the righteous elicits a violent and seemingly justified response: it should never be said anyone lacks the moral authority and right to defend themselves when their freedom of conscience and freedom of association are violated.

Again, this is not our path as nation-builders because the political state and the nation are not the same thing, we insist on using the power of freewill covenant association and not resorting to coercion or violence.

There are certainly militant cores in this society, on the racist fringe and in the left, as we as those who might consider righteous, whose only aim is the freedom for all from all bandages, including the bandages of base and animals lusts that destroy the soul, are lacking.

There are no strong, moral voices who champion righteousness for its own sake and in a manner that is fair and just, and color-blind. I certainly would not want jingoistic and racist elements, who try to use the banners of traditionalism, to prevail, they are as bad as the left and only a lesser threat because they are the fringe while the left have control over all the major institutions in this country.

Righteousness itself is either rejected or it has become a caricature of religious diktat and legalism. While, true, righteousness must eschew the entirety of the so-called “sexual revolution” and all that has followed, it must also shelter the homeless and defend those who suffer discrimination merely because of their race or gender. On the other hand, if you claim to be defending justice by using socialism to fix the ills of discrimination while celebrating the perversions of the sexual revolution, you stand on no moral high ground.

Righteousness exalts a nation. And a nation are people in their families who are of the same sociocultural and religious stock, by their own freewill covenant association.

The revival of the concept of a nation as a sociocultural and spiritual community chosen by its peers through free association, and it’s right as a body-spiritual, as opposed to body-politic, to sociocultural and economic self-determination as well as even political representation within the state is essential and inevitable. The only question being whether it will occur in this civilization or on this generation.

Going back then to the start, about a righteous core rising up against the corruptors of the majority, it does not seem reasonable or responsible to go out and take forceful actions which the public would detest, even though the public are mostly amoral and mentally ill-equipped. It is not that the public are incapable of moral virtue and mental acuity, they have been reared in moral and mental degeneracy for too long to know any better.

It is better, rather, to step aside from and get outside the reach of their corrupt influence and control, to remove ourselves as far as we can from the reach of the corruptors, namely most of America’s national institutions, and to use the agency of our own new nationhood to erect parallel and autonomous institutions which will be superior to the corrupted ones.

We must have our own internet, or meshnet as I call it. We must have our own academia, our own news media, our own health care, our own entertainment and recreation, our own culture, our own way of life, our own courts of justice (even if unofficial conflict resolution and arbitration services), and even, within limited legal constraints, our own security and emergency services.

All of that cannot be built overnight. It will take time and effort and our cooperation, sacrifice, and hard work. Creating our own nationhood based on a righteous standard and then building our own national institutions is the solution. And so, we do not have a country that has a righteous core who would rise up and purge the corruptors, and if we did we would be compelled to coerce the majority, which itself could be seen as unjust. It would be immoral and it wouldn't work in the long-term.

Our only viable and just option is to establish our own form of nationhood based on righteousness and then to intentionally build the infrastructure of support needed to create our own alternative and separate institutions, thus removing ourselves from the reach of the corruptors.

In 1982 I believe I was shown a vision, through a fictional future history, for a new Christian national people whose way of life would be centered on multi-family extended household communities, which would be planted all over the world and which would be connected through a virtual commonwealth, first, using the existing internet, and then developing its own separate and well-defended meshnet which the gatekeepers of today’s internet cannot touch.

Our aim would be a worldwide network of fraternal Christian missionary and refugee communities connected via an independent meshnet as a virtual commonwealth and as a support structure for our own institutions, including our trade scrip, our own news media, our own entertainment, our own education, our own health care and etc. This would not mean isolation from our neighbors, we would be removed from the reach of the corruptors, but we would be connected to our neighbors.

To build such a globally distributed nation of people is not a simple task. The first adapters and builders have to have faith in something they cannot see and may never fully see in their lifetime. We will need coders, designers, technicians, engineers, and other skilled people to create a whole virtual world which is accessed through and which connects local chapter organizations based on the extended multi-family household model.

For those who think in libertine terms and who are alarmed at our traditional morality, have no fear we are going to come along and start forcing you into our socially conservative lifestyle. We have neither the means not the desire to do so. We merely want to live that lifestyle in peace and liberty, and we are prepared to demand your equal respect for our rights, which come from God.

Our chosen method, to build a virtual commonwealth for Christians who wish to so live, does not threaten anyone or coerce anyone. This is a task I cannot do alone with just myself and my wife. And it is a task that will have to be completed in multiple phases, including the existing internet at first.

In the end we will see tens of thousands of local chapters for a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society with pieces of the whole meshnet hosted and transmitted in such a way that our meshnet can operate wholly on a separate protocol separate and independent of the existing internet and yet which can interact with and be accessed of need by through the existing internet. This can be the basis of our institutions built on a righteous standard. It is not necessary for us to rise up and overthrow the corruptors, unless they close off our avenues of escape from their control and influence.

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