Within our virtual commonwealth and, eventually, any local chapters, members of our Society will do an "impression", which includes fulfilling a role. This means you adopt a new name and identity for your impression, you assume a specific function, and, of and when we have local chapters, you actually dress the part in formal gatherings.


We have a few reasons. Among them are:

1. We need to make it clear that we are not trying to create a REAL country and take anyone's territory and by doing an impression we reinforce that our Society operates the virtual commonwealth for entertainment and educational purposes only.

2. We like the idea that here you start with a clean slate, nothing you have done outside of this community matters and the only qualifications that matter will be earned by your merit within this community.

3. As we intend on establishing a legal framework under the auspices of a fraternal society, such rituals, ceremonies, impressions, and the such reinforce our standing and are something looked for in gaining this designation.

4. We really are serious about the concept of a nation as something nor limited to or synonymous with political states, the basis of our nation is freewill covenant association.

5. We believe that like convictions are necessary to recreate the functions and benefits of the ancient multi-family household or oikos and that unique and diverse nations are the God-ordained way such shared convictions, or cultural norms, are shared, preserved, and advanced in human society.

6. We also want to preserve your real-life privacy. While we, the administration, need to confirm your real identity, within the commonwealth or local chapter, the choice of disclosing your real identity is yours alone. This may not be a big deal in some places, but there are countries where "Upadarians" would have to meet in secret and where this practice is vital to the safety of members.

7. The idea of creating and doing an impression is also meant to help you see yourself as God sees you, without any filters or baggage, and without any limitations. You will find, we believe, that in some ways your "impression" is more YOU than the "real you" known outside of our community!

So what is needed to fulfill your impression?

If you have a role, we will develop and prescribe what we call 'regalia', or special outfits or other insignia that identify the holder of that office. We will also develop a national costume of sorts, mostly based on styles from the 1940's, based on the fictional future history. Early adopters will get to help design the regalia and national costume. You will also be encouraged to wear pins denoting your membership in your daily life, if that is practical.

While there will be national regalia, we are also going to have different virtual and local chapters called Shires that choose from a number of options to depict a particular nation or time in history. For instance, your Shire might be based on Prussia or the Greco-Roman world, it might be based on ancient China, or the ancient kingdom of Ghana (West Africa). The Shires will stage "enactments" which depict an event or time and invite public participation or sell tickets as a way to raise money.

Creating your impression is about applying for and being assigned a role on a provisional basis, creating the name and back story you will use within the virtual community or a local chapter, and then being confirmed in that role. Within our virtual and local communities, you will form families and extended households, with other members. So if you recruit friends and family into your virtual family or your local chapter family (called Shireholds), you will already have connections to them.

You will be confirmed by demonstrating knowledge of the contents of the Blue Book of Upadaria, demonstrating fidelity to the governing covenant (Kha Yasa) for our commonwealth while in our community, demonstrating knowledge and skill within your functional role, and demonstrating a commitment to the community and its members. You gain higher standing and status through the Kerygma A' Regita, the Course Of Honor, earning noble titles that are part of your impression.

Initially, everyone will be part of one big virtual Shire, and it will subdivide by interest and, eventually, by regions, but when this happens you will have to choose a virtual shire to your liking based on its dedication. These virtual Shires will form the basis of the 17 Kingdoms or Tribes of Upadaria, each of which has a depiction and areas around the world it is responsible for serving.

Remember, you are not being asked to literally apply everything within our virtual commonwealth to your real life. These standards and norms, and even your "impression" of a citizen of this commonwealth, only apply to the virtual community or within a local chapter. We are not asking you to move anywhere, to change your church affiliation, or to do anything outside of this community. If, however, in your real life you do something that warrants being excommunicated from Christian fellowship or if you commit a crime or otherwise damage the reputation of this community, you could be asked to leave. Other than those extreme and rare instances, the only time we enforce our standards is woth in and among fellow community members, who we call Peers.

This should be fun and creative, educational and inspirational, and, as and when we develop local chapters, it should actually result in reaching the lost and hosting Christian refugees.

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