Welcome To The Christian Commonwealth Of Upadaria
A Virtual Homeland For Christian Freedom Seekers And Builders

     The Christian Commonwealth of Upadaria (CCU) is being created as a web-based Christian "micronation" which will empower Christian freedom seekers and builders to find and fulfill God's best for their lives with excellence as a witness for Jesus to the nations.

We trace our spiritual roots back to the promise made to Abraham, that he would be the father of MANY nations, and since then, through the lineage of many God-fearing nations which have followed, especially ancient Israel, the first century Christian "ecclesia", and the "holy experiment" for a Christian nation in the New World under the Puritans and William Penn.

For us, a nation of people is not a state, although the structure and terms of our micronation will be based on the concept of a "non-territorial state" meant to propagate the vision of this Christian nation and support those who adopt this intentional Christian nationality as a means of being separate from the world while remaining a witness and influence for Jesus to the world around us.

Micronations are not merely small nations, they are unofficial nations of many types, from fantasy and roleplaying, to serious efforts and social causes. Our micronation is meant to be a sociocultural association of Christian men and women who wish to truly live out the promise that blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and who wish to be an effective witness and influence to the nations for Jesus.

We invite you to browse this site and learn more about what and who we are and why we are doing this project. 


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