While some may deny it, we Christians can see that our freedom to live in peace and prosper as Christians is under attack. We need a place where we are free to live out and express our Christians beliefs without fear thay someone will attack us for doing so. That place is the Christian Web community we call Upadaria.  It is going to be a virtual safe haven where Christians will be able to gather, grow, and connect in order to become more effective and empowered witnesses for Jesus to the nations.

The vision of this Christian Web community is to facilitate the kinds of virtual relationships that lead to real world and local connections and associations between Christians that find gaps for freedom.  These gaps for freedom will enable Christians to live in this world while not being of it through promoting independence from its control and influence.

The basis of this Christian web community is a fictional future history called "The Blue Book of Upadaria- A Secret History of the New Civilization." The book lays out the future history which reveals the core ideals, principles, and practices for the lifestyle and governance discipline of a new Christian civilization.  This is the theme and style of the Web community.

This is not churchianity. The focus is not on church buildings or church services. The focus is on familial and community bonds rooted in a Koinonia described as a Christ-centerd and Kingdom of God focused freewill covenant association. The aim is the whole-person welfare and empowerment of members through mutuality which equips them to go out and make disciples of the nations.

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