A modest proposal for de-escalating the current political crisis. I propose that citizens urge their elected officials at every level to personally endorse and seek to pass the following resolution in support of our Constitutional system of government, and as a warning to those who may be trying to remove our elected President from office through the means of lawfare and legerdemain.


Constitutional Protection Resolution

Whereas the people of these United States did elect a President of their choosing by lawful means

Whereas many fear that elements within our government have refused to recognize the legitimate election of this President

Whereas there are mounting fears that elements determined to overthrow the elected government are engaging in lawfare and legerdemain as a means of conducting a coup

Whereas we are sworn to defend the Constitution of these United States And whereas we wish to re-affiem our oath of office and reassure our constituents there is no reason to fear any alleged coup, nor would such effort be tolerated, and in order to de-escalate political tensions and ensure civil discourse within constitutional means

Now therefore be it resolved that:

We affirm our Pledge as elected officials to uphold and defend the Constitution of these United States of America We affirm our loyalty to the duly elected government of these United States of America

We have determined that in the event of the removal of the elected President that such a government would be illegitimate

We are determined to treat any government not under the leadership of the elected President to be legally no different than a foreign invader

We remain as always commited to our oath of office and could never tolerate any such insurrection or rebellion against our Constitutional form of government

We affirm that, while there are fears such a coup is evinced by some, that no such coup would ever be possible because we, your elected officials, would never allow such thing

And that we are determined to cooperate with all local and state governments to uphold and defend our Constitutional government and to prosecute those guilty of treason, rebellion, and insurrection against the same whenever or wherever such crimes occur


Whichever elected official will not personally agree with this and promote its passage as a resolution by the body to which they belong is no friend of the Constitution.

Every official who refuses to answer a request to make this pledge must be viewed as being against it, and against our Constitution. It is illegal to seek to overthrow our government, whether you do so from without or within its structures.

This is insurrection and rebellion. If you don't like who wins an election, you run a candidate against them during the next election.

But we have reason to fear there is a cabal of People for whom elections are not to be respected, and ut is feared they are actively engaged in an illegal coup.

We should be alarmed but not afraid. We should understand the danger but seek to de-escalate matters before they go too far.

This proposal would go far toward putting fear where it belongs, on the part of the alleged lawbreakers. To understand this as anything but a potential coup is to be ignorant and even if you don't like the President, the precedent set would be unimaginable in its negative impact for your freedom.

Those who will accuse me of radicalism or alarmism or who would say such a resolution is not needed should consider this: if such resolution passed and is agreed to by every elected official and there really is no coup under way, then no harm is done. People have merely re-affirmed a commitment we think should always be operative.

Why would it be controversial therefore to ask for such a reasonable re-affirmation? The People who see and fear the making of a coup would also be re-assured and anyone trying to stir things up would immediately be put to shame!

There is real and legitimate concern that a coup is under way. It is the duty of our elected officials to put those fears to rest and to warn anyone who evinces such designs.

The time has come to choose a side. Not for or against Trump, but for or against our Constitutional form of government. Whoever cannot agree to such a basic and non-controversial reaffirmation of their Constitutional duty is unfit for office.

Copy and paste this, send it as a letter to all your eleccted officials. Paste in in your groups and on your pages or on your blogs and websites. Let's see where everyone stands. Email me flag@Freedomist.com with any results you get.

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