Through participation in a virtual "government", working together, you will become empowered in your own life and relationships.

William R Collier Jr- As a Christian of noble character and ideals, you may feel quite dissatisfied with what the world of modern, Western churchianity has to offer. What is lacking is real growth, real depth of community with other Christians, real impact on your world, and real solutions to everyday problems and needs. You know it and it makes no sense to argue over the matter. Those who get this and want more will get it, those who don't just aren't ready for what I am talking about here now.

You need to take a very different approach to your Christian walk than churchianity has to offer. If you stick with just attending a service, not that you should NOT go to church, and doing what you have been doing there is little chance that you will see a change or a difference in your life.

That is why if you want to fulfill God's best for your life with excellence and if you want to make your calling your career, you should seriously get yourself out of the rut you are in, strike out as it were, and try something that is totally different than what you have done or experienced before. You should step into the concept and meaning of the term "blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."

This is a powerful promise. And it is a promise you can be blessed by only if you are actually part of such a nation of people whose God is the Lord. The good news is that, in our age, you can connect to and part of such a nation of people whose God is the Lord from the comfort of your own home.

Right now I am offering a lucky and chosen few people a chance to be part of history becoming founders of a new nation of people whose God is the Lord. The whole explanation of the "Government" I am forming is available on our Government Page.

This is not merely an appeal to contribute your time and talent to some new project, though you will be doing that. This is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and be empowered in your personal life through doing this work and connecting with each other. You will learn a new Christian lifestyle and governance discipline that will enable you to fulfill God's best for your life and to make your calling your career. You will gain connections and support from others who will see your well-being and even your success as something of value and importance.

The idea is to start by filling a role you will be trained to fulfill, using a lifestyle and governance discipline you will learn to adapt not just to this project, but to your life and relationships. It will change your reality. It will open new doors to advance along in your disciplined following of Jesus Christ. It will make you a more effective witness for Jesus to others. And, through both knowledge and new connections, it will provide solutions to everyday problems and help you meet everyday needs.

This is free. I have used this and I am going  to show you how to do the same, and, together, we are going to lay the foundation for something the world has never seen before: a NEW nation of people which emerges intentionally through the web and becomes both an empowering agency for its members and a witness for Jesus to the nations around us. Through filling a role in a VIRTUAL "government" you will quickly absorb valuable lessons and principles that will unleash heretofore hidden potential and possibilities in your life and relationships.

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