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Welcome To Your Virtual Christian Refuge*

*A Fraternal Christian Community
*A Social Network Devoted To Christian Empowerment
*A Virtual "Homeland" As A "Nation of People Whose God Is The Lord"

For People Devoted To Living Out A Daily Christian Lifestyle and Governance Discipline To Be A Witness To The Nations For Jesus

About this website-  this website is a multi-purpose web space devoted to Christian empowerment, world missions, and helping Christians in crisis. You can choose to interact with this web space in three primary ways: you can join the social network and meet other Christians, you can participate in a virtual micronation which will eventually become a Christian fraternal society for men and women, and you can subscribe to our daily news and empowerment journal.  Of course, you can also just browse the pages and explore.

The Christian Web Community of Upadaria is a Christian social network for empowering and connecting Christians who wish to live as witnesses for Jesus to the nations. This social network will allow you to form groups, make friends, and use forums to connect with other Chriastians.

The Upadarian Voice is a daily news and empowerment journal for Christians with a focus on missions, ministry, personal empowerment, news for and about Christians, and news about Christians in crisis.

The Christian Commonwealth of Upadaira is a  "micronation", or non-territorial "state" which will be organized legally as a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society and, eventually, an NGO.

The Blue Book Upadaira is a  fictional future history that reveals a practical Christian lifestyle and governance discipline and a blueprint for both Christian community in general and the creation of an intentional, stateless, "nation of people whose God is the Lord."

Learn about this vision through this audio (select volume to hear):

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Latest Posts

A Fraternal Society Based On The Concept Of A Nation of People

The future will eventually see fraternal societies organized around the concept of nations of people which are not political states, but which have an alternative form of sovereignty respected by political states and more like the domestic nation status of modern...

Monuments and Old Battles We Have Left Behind

Today in the West, there are pitched battles over the past, over monuments, over the sins of ancestors, and over left-right ideological wars all orchestrated for the benefit of an elite few at the top. You may find yourself wishing to no longer be part of that, to not...

Escape Or Overthrow Of The Corruptors

The problem we face is morality and mental weakness on the part of the majority who are corrupted mostly by a progressive radical minority who have taken control over the West’s institutions. We can look at this problem as a nation-state would, which would require a...

God Is Not Impressed With Your Moral Outrage

William R Collier Jr- Some Christians seem to think posting a social media comment, or liking and sharing some expression of outrage about injustice, is all there is to being the salt of the earth. But the question is rarely about what you say and all about what you...

A Proposal For A New Form of Modern Nationhood

Pictured above: the concept of a fraternal nation with its initial location on the web. A Proposal For A Modern Form Of National Sovereignty Distributed Sovereignty for Web-Based Fraternal Nations I am going to propose the adoption under US and International Law to...

We Must Resist Leftist Bigotry AND The Racism It Foments

William R. Collier Jr.- When I drew what I now call the UPDR Cross (pictured), or sometimes the Unity in diversity cross, I was most concerned with racial animosity between blacks and whites, which I had witnessed first-hand. I was only 11 when I drew it, and it was...

Provisional Government

Primary Roles Of The Royal Governments Of The Christian Commonwealth of Upadaria PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT The following governments will exist to serve the people and the non-territorial state of CCU. These government may represent stakeholders both within the pomerium...

What Were They Fighting For?

World War Two is to be remembered for the tremendous amount of Americans who were mobilized one way or another to defeat the Nazis and the Japanese Empire. I hold no doubt that, of the two sides, one was clearly evil and the other just imperfect, and for the most part...

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